Pure, clean olive pit granules/flour is the result of a complex treatment process of olive oil production residues. To produce olive oil, the olive is always compressed as a whole, i.e. including the kernel. The de-oiled olive cake is then processed in a moist state by means of specialized machines. As part of a centrifugation process, olive pit fragments are separated from pulp and shell rests and subsequently cleaned mechanically, dried and screened based on their particle sizes. The result are light beige, nearly odorless granules without any dust and pulp residues. It can be cleaned further and transformed into high-grade flours and powders.

Application Benefits of Olives

For centuries, olives have been an essential staple food in the Mediterranean region. Nowadays, the favorable effect of olive oil and leaves on human and animal health is also known in Northern countries. Olive (pit) extracts have consequently been proven ingredients for numerous applications, above all for medicines and cosmetic products.

Olive Pit Powder for Cosmetics and Health

In cosmetic and household applications, ground olive stones are an effective sustainable alternative to microplastics. Also, the above advantages give them a significant edge over other natural granules made of wood, corn, cellulose, silica, pumice or others. Grain stability and hardness contributes to enhanced efficiency: especially in abrasive applications (exfoliants or heavy duty cleaners / hand cleaners / hand washing pastes), studies have proven that the desired abrasive effect can be achieved with up to 5% less material.

For food-related applications, olive stone powders are a rich source of carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, fructose, arabinose, xilose, mannitol and mioinositol)and easily digestible fiber (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin). With a look and feel similar to conventional flours, olive stone powder is today's biological gluten- and grain-free superfood ingredient for a number of baking mixes, processed meat products, health foods and sweets. Besides, it is a plant-based, risk-free replacement for traditionally used fishmeal, bone meal or other animal-derived flours in vegan/vegetarian pet foods. Moreover, olive powder serves as an organic healthy thickening agent and texturizer for a variety of food and additives. The nutritive benefits of the olive contribute significantly to human and animal health and well-being.

The Usage of Olive Pit Flour in Various Industries

In material science, pure ground olive stones have been a sought-after filler material with added value for ceramics, coatings, composites, polymers, asphalt and bitumen. Besides adding a significant bio-based percentage, they are reactive (not inert) fillers with strong binding and texturizing capabilities. They can be easily dyed, blended and have proven to boost resistance, tensile strength and lifespan of numerous materials.

General Properties of Olive Pit Granules

Olive stone granules are very versatile in use, especially due to the following features:

  • light color
  • no contamination with dust or pulp/peel/seed remainders: we work exclusively with the highest grade of crushed olive stones. They are separated from the olive cake immediately after pressing the olive in the oil mill and therefore processed in a wet state. Availability of this particular grade is limited to the harvesting season (October through February). This excellent raw material and the absence of impurities is a precondition for long shelf life of the powders and granules. It ensures safe use during up to 2 years
  • relatively homogeneous particle shape
  • high particle stability, i.e. minimal particle breakage and decomposition: hence, micronization into a variety of fine grain size ranges is possible. Our state-of-the-art milling and sieving techniques also allow for maximum homogeneity within defined micron ranges
  • no allergens: first choice for users with nut allergies or intolerances to grains and/or gluten. This is a strong incentive for any manufacturer of allergen-free cosmetics, food/feed, household products and innovative bio-based materials
  • GMO-free product: olive trees in Europe are not genetically modified; a register of genetically modified plants is available on https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/dyna/gm_register/index_en.cfm GMO affected plants are corn, soy, sugar beet and rape
  • vegan / halal / kosher-qualified product: there is no contact whatsoever with animal-derived substances or alcohol, neither during olive oil production nor during transformation into powders and granules
  • sustainable sourcing from 100% by-products; no crops

BioPowder Olive pit powder is also available in a hydrophobic form

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