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Olive Pit Powders - Natural Thickening Agents and Texturizers for Food olive stone flour is a rich ingredient for vegetarian and vegan recipes. It combines a high content of dietary fibre with fermentable sugars (polysaccharides) as a source of carbohydrates. Also, the health benefits of the olive, i.e. the antioxidants and to a minor extent polyunsaturated fatty acids, constitute significant advantages over traditional, grain-based flours.

Olive pit powder is a healthy thickening agent for

  • soups, packaged and processed soup products
  • sauces, dips, dressings and syrups
  • candies, sweet pastes, icings
  • cream cheese and other dairy-based foodstuffs
  • spreads
  • food supplements in tablet or pellet form

Olive stone-based natural thickening agents are equally well suited for cooking and baking. Pastries for consumers with allergies or food intolerances are best produced with gluten- and grain-free flours. Our organic thickening agent can blend well with baking mixtures for

  • bread products
  • cake and cookie doughs
  • pastas
  • waffle and biscuit doughs

Moreover, fine olive stone flour is an organic thickening agent of choice for plant-based health foods on the basis of soy (milk), almond (milk) or grain. Similar to conventional cellulose, it also acts as a binder in meat replacement items such as saitan. There are also many ways to use it as a replacement for bone meal products such as gelatine. Its thickening properties come in pair with a light color and a neutral flavor. This allows for excellent absorption of natural and synthetic flavoring agents and aromas, food colorants, sweeteners, spices, salts and sugars.

Similarly to recipes for human consumption, olive stone flour is a proven ingredient for animal feed and pet food.

Unique benefits of thickening agents

Our thickening agents:

  • they are made exclusively of refined olive stones of European origin in a mechanical micronization process.
  • ecological / USDA-certified raw materials are available upon request
  • they do not contain traces of nuts or other known allergens
  • they are a GMO-free alternative to flours and starches derived from corn, soybean, beetroot, sugarcane or potato

The texture of olive stone flour is smooth and creamy. To ensure a pleasant mouthfeel when used in foods, we recommend micron sizes smaller than 100 μm.In addition to natural binding agents, flours are also proven fillers for a variety of food and feed products such as seasoning blends.

If you consider using a natural thickening agent for food, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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