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With BioPowder you have found a cosmetics ingredients supplier – as such, we offer natural ingredients for personal care and cosmetic products that are healthy and do not harm the environment. As an industrial producer, our cosmetics ingredients supply is designed for B2B customers with a holistic research and development approach. In contrast to traditional cosmetics ingredients suppliers, BioPowder.com makes ingredients exclusively from circular resources. This involves upcycling of agricultural by-products and their transformation into cosmetics additives.

All BioPowder.com personal care ingredients are fully plant-based, free of chemical cosmetics additives and qualify for vegan, GMO-free, halal and kosher personal care items. As specialized cosmetic ingredients supplier, we cater both to conventional and to natural cosmetics manufacturers. To comply with the latest standards, we are one of the natural ingredient suppliers that ensures compliance with the COSMOS/Ecocert as well as Nature standards. 

Our goal is to help cosmetic and personal care manufacturers phase out synthetic microbeads (microplastics) and identify the natural ingredients that best serve as replacements. We also partner with brands to create new lines of sustainable and compostable cosmetics using fruit stone powders.

Cosmetics Ingredients Supplier For Wash-Off Products

We supply native olive stone granules and other natural ingredients to formulate exfoliators, scrubs, soaps, and gels for skin cleaning (temporary use). Fruit stone granules are natural abrasives that facilitate removal of dead cells and therefore smoothen, cleanse and regenerate the skin. 

Natural Exfoliating Beads and Scrubs

Our granular/powder additives for cosmetics can be used for formulating exfoliating body scrubs to be used to gently peel away the dead cells from the epidermis and restore the skin’s natural soft texture. There are several types of exfoliators and scrubs that we can cater for:

  • Body and face scrubs
  • Face exfoliators
  • Hand and foot scrubs
  • Nail scrubs
  • Lip and nose scrubs
  • Scalp scrubs
  • Lip exfoliator

Abrasives for Hand Cleaners

Plastic microbeads are no longer an acceptable option for cosmetic ingredient suppliers and manufacturers with a genuine interest in their customers’ health and the environment. Hence, also in the production of hand cleaners natural and biodegradable grits are on the rise: anything from walnut shell and corn cob up to silica has been considered to a certain extent – with varying results. As cosmetics ingredients supplier our offer includes optimized cosmetic additives solutions for enhanced results and efficiency. 


Give your customers a reason to smile: add all-natural ingredients to your dental care range. Our products can entirely replace synthetic ingredients with natural micro-abrasion particles that help achieve a whitening effect. An advantage for any personal care and cosmetic ingredient distributor that move with the times.

Soaps and Body Creams

Use our natural fruit stone granules as base materials in formulations for shower creams, balms, gels, and soaps – without the need for preserving agents. Fine fruit stone powders enhance the haptic experience with a soft and relaxing sensation.

Cosmetics Ingredients Supplier For Leave-On Products

Fruit Stone Powders as Natural Base Materials and Texturizers

Fruit stone powders can replace synthetic base materials (e.g. xanthan gum, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) in makeup or other aesthetic products. Add versatility to your line-up and increase the bio-based portion of your products. Our powders are suitable formulation ingredients for

  • Eyeshadow
  • Face powders
  • Foundations
  • Liquid makeup products
  • Lipsticks
  • Mascaras

Depending on the grain size, our powders can act as texturizing agents, sensory modifiers, stabilizers, binders, or fillers in your cosmetic formulation. Any personal care ingredients distributor will profit from that.

Natural Powder Additives for Cosmetics: Decorative Cosmetic Ingredients

Add fruit stone powders to your hair and skin colouring products to create innovative light-reflection effects. The natural, non-spherical shape of our powder particles can enhance gloss and luminosity. The colour of all powders becomes progressively lighter with a smaller micron size. Our powder additives for cosmetics produce great results in combination with pigments, also of plant-based origin. This makes them highly suitable as primary ingredients in a broad range of coloured personal care items.

Pigment Carriers and Biodegradable Cosmetics Additives for Colouring

Apart from acting as carriers for pigments, fruit stone powders can be added to diverse formulations as natural colourants. They can alter the colour of your products and make them look more attractive to end users. Colour ranges of our powders include:

Natural Actives

Certain fruit stone powders are rich in antioxidants that prevent cell degradation and therefore the effects of ageing. Others have moisturizing and re-fattening effects to protect and strengthen the natural hydrolipid film of the skin. In this regard, BioPowder.com mainly caters to natural ingredient suppliers with a focus on extract production and manufacturing of cosmetic intermediates. 

Your Responsible Cosmetics Ingredients Supply

As your reliable and responsible partner in the cosmetics ingredients supply industry, our commitment extends beyond simply providing high-quality natural ingredients. We are dedicated to spearheading the move towards more sustainable, responsible, and transparent practices within the cosmetics industry.

Our selection of bio-based powders, derived from a range of agricultural byproducts like olive stones and apricot stones, offers a sustainable and innovative solution for cosmetic manufacturers. These ingredients not only enhance the performance of cosmetic products but also align with the growing consumer demand for natural, eco-friendly beauty solutions.

From skincare to makeup, our ingredients can be found enhancing the products of many leading beauty brands. We prioritize rigorous quality control and comprehensive testing, ensuring that our ingredients meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

We believe that sustainable beauty is the future, and we're proud to provide the ingredients that help make this future a reality. By choosing us as your cosmetics ingredients supplier, you're choosing quality, innovation, and sustainability – and bringing your customers the natural, effective products they desire.

Take the first step towards creating more sustainable and effective cosmetic products by choosing us as your trusted cosmetics ingredients supplier. Our selection of bio-based powders can help enhance your product formulations, cater to your customers' demands for natural ingredients, and elevate your brand's sustainability credentials. If you are looking for personal care ingredients suppliers, do not hesitate: Contact us today and discover how we can help you shape the future of beauty. Let's create something beautiful and sustainable together

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About us as a Cosmetics Ingredients Supplier

Why should I include bio-powders in our materials for making cosmetics?

ncorporating bio-powders into your materials for making cosmetics can significantly enhance your product offerings, not only in terms of product performance but also in aligning with increasing consumer demands for sustainability and natural ingredients. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Sustainability: Bio-powders are derived from renewable sources, often repurposing agricultural byproducts. This aligns with growing consumer demands for eco-friendly products and can help differentiate your brand in a competitive market.
  • Enhanced Product Performance: Bio-powders can provide unique benefits to cosmetic formulations. For instance, they can offer exfoliating properties in skincare products or can act as natural absorbents in products like deodorants or powders.
  • Natural Appeal: As consumer interest in natural and clean beauty grows, including bio-powders in your cosmetics can enhance their appeal. Many consumers perceive natural ingredients as safer and gentler on the skin.

What are raw materials in cosmetics?

In the context of cosmetics ingredients supply, cosmetic raw materials refer to the basic substances or ingredients that are used to manufacture cosmetic products. These cosmetic-making supplies can include a wide variety of substances, such as oils, waxes, clays, extracts, powders, pigments, and more. They can be synthetic, natural, or a combination of both, and are used to create all kinds of cosmetic products, from skincare and haircare to makeup and fragrances.

Who provides the raw materials for the cosmetic industry?

A range of companies supply raw materials for the cosmetic industry, from large multinational corporations to smaller specialized suppliers. As a cosmetics ingredients supplier, we are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, and innovative bio-based powders to cosmetic manufacturers. Our products, derived from agricultural byproducts such as olive stones, apricot stones, and others, offer a range of benefits to cosmetic formulations while aligning with the growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable beauty products.

How does a cosmetics ingredients supply company ensure the quality of their products?

A cosmetics ingredients supply company like ours ensures the quality of their products through rigorous testing and strict quality control measures. We monitor our supply chains closely, and all our bio-based powders undergo comprehensive quality checks. Our commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive only the best, most effective, and safest natural ingredients for their cosmetic products.

How do you make sure your cosmetics additives comply with hygiene and safety standards?

All our cosmetic ingredient supply volumes are carefully screened throughout the entire value chain – from the raw material up to the packaged goods. Besides, all our personal care ingredients can be supplied in an irradiated, i.e. microbiologically decontaminated, or natural form.

What role does a cosmetics ingredients supply company play in sustainable beauty?

A cosmetics ingredients supply company plays a vital role in promoting sustainable beauty. By offering natural, sustainable, and high-performance ingredients like bio-based powders, we enable cosmetic manufacturers to produce products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. This approach aligns with the increasing consumer demand for natural and sustainable beauty products, helping brands to meet these expectations.

Which regulatory framework applies to products from a natural and cosmetics ingredients supplier such as BioPowder.com?

Our powder additives for cosmetics are made entirely of non-toxic agricultural by-products. They are consequently exempt from chemical substance regulation frameworks such as Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).

What are your minimum order quantities?

As natural ingredient suppliers for industrial users only, we preferably supply by the pallet. Our standard packaging size is 25 kg, so this is the smallest possible shipment unit.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, all our cosmetic ingredients supply is available or can be provided for testing. Free standard samples have a size of 20–25 g, and larger samples can be provided at cost. Please contact us for further information.

Where do you ship your powder additives for cosmetics?

Thanks to our logistics network, we can ship all our products worldwide to your doorstep. In some instances, we sell through another cosmetic ingredient supplier, such as specialized distributors.

Is your cosmetics ingredients supply available in bespoke versions?

Yes, besides certain standardized personal care ingredients with offer tailored cosmetics additives. We are open to processing the natural raw materials of your choice in a variety of particle size ranges.

Where do your raw materials come from?

All our natural ingredient suppliers (i.e. raw material providers) are located in proximity to our production facility in Southern Spain. We only import argan shells from sustainable sources in Morocco. Hence, our cosmetics ingredients supply range is made from local by-products by local people.

Do you offer long-term supply contracts?

Yes, and we strive to be your number one choice as cosmetics ingredients supplier. To guarantee regular shipments at stable conditions, we are definitely willing to enter framework agreements with our customers. We offer attractive discounts for recurring orders and ensure constant quality and timely deliveries.

If you have something else in mind, we can help you select the natural ingredients that integrate best with your formulation.

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