Bio-Based Infill Materials

Bio-Fillers for Landscaping and Leisure Turf

Schools, nurseries, swimming pools and other recreational areas all depend on reliable granular landscaping fillers to withstand the elements and to offer a pleasant look and feel. To a similar extent as sports turfs, these spaces are exposed to high load, i.e. when used by many people. For this reason, state-of-the art artificial grass landscapes are designed to

  • be cost-efficient and robust.
  • require minimum maintenance and/or replacement.
  • repel soilings.
  • ensure sufficient drainage for moisture such as rainwater.

A good turf filler should be chosen according to these criteria. At, we have designed a high-performance alternative to rubber and sand – fully biodegradable and natural, with a positive environmental impact.

Our innovative landscaping fillers, marketed under the Olea Fill brand, are made exclusively of recycled olive stones, a side-stream resource from the olive oil production. They available both in standard grain sizes and tailor-made particle dimensions. Moreover, we provide coloured turf filler granules in a wide range of colours. The nature of Olea Fill allows for effective dyeing with natural pigments – perfect for organic artificial grass.

Biodegradable Turf Filler Systems For Landscape Design

Thanks to their unique technical and aesthetic characteristics, our versatile turf filler solutions are ideal for designer grass in sophisticated landscaping projects. Olea Fill landscaping fillers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and require only minimal care.

Although created for artificial grass, turf filler granules are equally suitable for real grass and gardening projects. Our landscaping fillers are popular deco-particles for flower beds, ponds and interior gardens, e.g. in fair booth design and similar applications.

Whether you are a landscape designer or artificial lawn manufacturer, we are here to support you in choosing the best landscaping fillers. Please contact us with your ideas. We provide small and large volumes of turf filler granules and ship to any destination worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Landscaping Fillers

1. What is the best filler for landscaping projects?

It all depends on the type of artificial or natural grass and the intended use. In general, we recommend to use biodegradable landscaping fillers, i.e. materials that do not generate any plastic waste or that need to be disposed of in a resource-intensive process. Besides, the mechanical properties are important to consider. Our turf filler particles combine excellent stability, hardness and a compact particle shape, which makes them versatile solutions for many applications. 

2. What are the minimum order quantities of your turf filler?

We supply exclusively to business customers, i.e. turf designers or manufacturers. Hence, our landscaping fillers are sold by the metric ton and packaged in big bags. We can supply individual 25kg bags for testing purposes but you will obtain a much better value-for-money when purchasing larger volumes.

3. Is there a regulatory framework for landscaping fillers?

Our assortment is made entirely of safe, biological by-products from the olive and fruit processing industry. Certain markets regulate artificial turf infills for sports turf in order to obtain approval from certifying bodies such as FIFA. Our landscaping fillers are compliant, which might be advantageous even for artificial turf that is used for activities other than sport.

4. To which destinations can you ship your landscaping fillers?

Thanks to our global logistics network, we can ship all our turf fillers to your doorstep - both in Europe and worldwide. Due to the relative large volumes, we recommend container freight as the most inexpensive shipping option. 

5. Can you make bespoke landscaping fillers?

Yes, besides certain standardized turf filler grades, we offer tailored solutions - both in terms of grain size and particle treatment / hydrophobicity coating. To make sure that every customer receives the best infill for artificial grass,  we are open to processing our natural raw materials into any possible particle size ranges. Depending on the climatic conditions in which the turf filler is to be used, we can apply different surface treatments in order to improve the lifespan of our landscaping fillers. 

6. Where do the raw materials for your landscaping fillers come from?

All our natural raw material providers are located in proximity to our production facility in Southern Spain. Hence, our epoxy filler range is made from local by-products by local people.

7. Can your landscaping fillers replace rubber infill for artificial turf?

Yes, that is why our renewable line of turf fillers was created. Our natural infill can be used either as a standalone turf filler or in combination with sand or rubber. Another option is to use it as a natural filler in rubber compounds, which can make any rubber infill for artificial turf more bio-based. If you work with rubber compounding, you might want to refer to our section for more guidance.  

8. What is the availability of your landscaping fillers?

As a leading specialist for natural granular additives, we strive to fulfil our orders in a timely and 100% reliable manner. Our long-standing market experience and stable procurement conditions allow us to produce large volumes on a continuous basis. Therefore, we can fulfil long-term supply contracts and are pleased to receive recurring orders.


Whatever your landscaping fillers / turf infill application might be, please contact us to discuss your project. We are pleased to assist you in choosing the best filler for landscaping.

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