Apricot stones are usually crushed to obtain the seed for the production of apricot kernel oil. This oil is mainly used as a high-quality ingredient for cosmetic and food products. For our apricot stone powder we use exclusively fresh stones and therefore supply our powders preferably during and shortly after the harvesting season, i.e. from April to August. To be more precise, our raw material is the shell of the stone, with a minimum of oily remainders. This ensures a superior quality of our granules, i.e. consistent particle shape, color and a long shelf life.

Apricot Stone Powder in Skincare

There has been a strong trend of using apricot stone powder exfoliators in numerous body care products. As European laws require personal care manufacturers to gradually phase out synthetic microbeads, apricot grit has become a very popular bio-based alternative. Especially in face, body and foot scrubs, these smooth but abrasive natural grains have proven very effective. Consumers all over the world, above all in Europe and the Americas, have valued the harmonious appearance and the subtle fruity aroma of apricot stone granules. Also, they are relatively soft compared to other grits such as ground walnut shells, which prevents skin irritation while gently removing dead cells.

Besides the use as a bio skin exfoliating grit, fine apricot stone powder is a rich additive for lotions or balms. Its creamy texture adds a pleasant look and feel, an attractive light orange color and the following active ingredients:

  • Amygdalin (cyanogenic glycoside): compared to the oily kernel, the content of this compound in the shell is greatly reduced. Consequently, skincare use is absolutely safe
  • Insaturated fatty acids, vitamin E
  • Phenolic compounds

In recent years, apricot-themed cosmetics have become fashionable. Large brands as well as artisanal formulators have created bodycare items and soaps with several apricot ingredients: oil, fruit extracts, kernel extracts and scrub grains. Combining the derivatives of the same fruit can simplify formulation work and reduce the need for synthetic additives.

Benefits of Apricot in Food and Hygiene Products

Moreover, scientific studies have demonstrated antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of the apricot (Source: http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0100-879X2009000400006) These properties have led to intensified research in diverse industries with a focus on plant-based ingredients. To mention a few: the food industry has discovered apricot-based flours as gluten-/lactose-/grain-free additives for baking mixes, health stores are marketing apricot kernel butter and cleaning products feature extracts as degreasers or aromas.

Properties of Apricot Stone Shells

Apricot stone shells mostly consist of lingocellulose material, i.e. of insoluble fibers. Hence, they are a wood-like, inflammable raw material with a characteristic light brown color and a high calorific value. In a dry state, they are extremely durable and their mechanical strength/hardness is similar to olive stone granules. Our shells only come from selected fruit-processing companies and farms in Southern Europe and Morocco. They are neither chemically treated nor genetically modified and fulfill the common European food standards.

BioPowder is a responsible producer and supplier of fruit stone powders, bio-based and free of any chemical additives. We attach great importance to sustainability and are proud of our excellent products and professional service.
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