We make powders in your preferred grain size (micron size). Most of our customers require powders in a specific mm range (generally from < 0.05μ to 5mm). Therefore, we exclusively produce bespoke products.

Blends of different fruit stone powders are also possible upon request.

We are pleased to advise you based on your intended use and to provide you with a small sample.

You can order the packaging of your choice, for example plastic bags in multi-layer paper envelopes or big bags.

We can produce all year round and export globally thanks to long-standing cooperation agreements with leading logistics providers. Therefore, we can handle door-to-door transportation including customs clearance.

Besides the fruit stone and shell powders displayed on this page, we can also supply the following (ground and unground) products upon request:

  • bamboo canes
  • mango pits
  • grape seeds
  • orange seeds
  • apple seeds
  • cherry stones

…and others

Please do not hesitate to contact us!