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Biodegradable Ceramic Coating Powder Additives develops bio-based high-performance additives for ceramic (coating) applications. Especially our hydrophobic powder solutions are effective ceramic paint additive solutions.

Made from 100% sustainable sources, Olea FP (Functional Powder) is available in the standard micron ranges 0-50 and 0-100. Other micron ranges are available as bespoke micro-powders upon request.

Natural Ceramic Coating Powder for Automotive Ceramic Coating

The automotive industry faces numerous challenges with regard to the exterior automobile ceramic coating. While car paints need to withstand the elements, extreme temperatures and impact, environmental aspects can no longer be neglected by innovative manufacturers. Ceramic paints are widely used throughout the car (coating) industry, which leads R&D experts in this area to look for enhanced solutions. These solutions can come in the form of natural powder additives. Olea FP ceramic coating powder grades are available in a hydrophobic form, i.e. as coated, water-repellent dispersion powders. In hydrophobic ceramic coatings, their functions are diverse: first and foremost, they are plant-based, fully natural alternatives for conventionally used microplastics. While hydrophobic polyurethane has long been the top-choice filler, “green” replacements are essential to live up to today’s standards of sustainability.

Due to their high thermal and mechanical resistance, our Olea FP ceramic paint additive line is particularly suitable for cold weather paint and sand texture paint formulations. As the function of coatings in the automotive industry is to protect the underlying layer of paint, the bonding capacity of such coatings is an essential factor. Our ultra hydrophobic powder is a natural fibre additive with reactive groups that can enhance your formulation’s bonding behavior.

Ceramic Coating Powder for Marine Coatings

Marine protective coatings are designed to be ultra-resistant, mainly to water but also to salt, UV radiation, algae, acid and alkaline substances. Another aspect that makes the development of marine coatings particularly challenging are the extremely high anti-corrosion requirements. This is mainly due to the influence of salt. The marine environment makes vessels very susceptible to corrosion. Sea life, exhaust contaminants and especially sea salt induce oxidation of boat components that are mostly covered with hydrophobic high-performance paints.

Hence, manufacturers of boat and yacht paints require powerful ceramic paint additive solution to create strongly protective layers. offers a new generation of bio-based and sustainable ceramic paint additive solutions. Our line of fine and ultra-fine ceramic coating powder was created to enhance marine coatings in the following ways:

  • Antioxidative properties: in contrast to conventionally used inert fillers, Olea FP (Functional Powder) is a new generation of reactive functional fillers. While mass is still added, our powder particles come with reactive surface properties (e.g. hydroxyl groups) that bind free radicals, which translates into antioxidative effects. This can significantly enhance the lifespan of ceramic coatings and provide significant savings due to larger intervals of renewal.
  • Light weight: Olea FP particles have a bulk density of 0.5-0.6g per cubic centimeter. Ceramics powder, in turn, generally has a bulk density of over 2 g per cm³. When incorporated in ceramic coating powder, Olea FP can therefore have a weight-reducing effect and therefore add significant value to lightweight ceramic coatings. In shipbuilding where every gram counts, our ceramic powder coating paint additive contributes to weight reduction and enhanced performance.
  • Particle hardness: Olea FP distinguishes itself from softer cellulose powders due to its exceptional hardness of approx. 3.5 on a Mohs scale. Therefore, it adds resistance and strength to any ceramic hydrophobic coating. Also, it blends well with hard ceramics powder in composite (coating) formulations consisting of mineral and organic components.
  • Particle texture: our assortment of different particle size ranges makes Olea FP a versatile ceramic paint additive for anti skid formulations or textured ceramic coatings. This is particularly relevant for marine decking systems, railings or other contact surfaces. 
  • Insulating and thermal retention properties: Olea FP (Functional Powder) particles come with excellent thermal retention properties, which makes them the top choice organic ceramic paint additive for insulating and/or thermal barrier coatings. Our ceramic coating powder can also add light reflection properties when used as a carrier for pigment.

Maritime ceramic coatings are also characterized by extreme heat resistance. Conventionally made with ceramics powder or ceramic microspheres, they have to live up to the highest demands.

Bio-Based Ceramic Coating Powder for Advanced Non-Coating Materials

Besides ceramic hydrophobic coating formulations, a wide range of advanced materials involve ceramic that requires powerful fillers, binders and texturizers. Just as car paints, numerous ceramic materials consist of liquid polymers that undergo a curing stage before they are coated. Here, Olea FP ceramic coating powder can be integrated into the polymer matrix in the liquid phase to reinforce the compound in such a way as to add stability and sturdiness.

If coatings are applied, they are mainly protective and/or decorative. Here, texture effects are implemented, e.g. with a non skid additive. The latter can be a coarser grade of functional powders, i.e. granular particles of variable sizes. 

Especially in the medical field, ceramic manufacturers strive to develop solutions that are safe and only minimally chemical. The team’s role is to help them achieve this goal in a fast and easy way. Apart from being highly effective in multiple functions, our functional powders are absolutely natural, vegan and made in a waste-reducing process.

If you are a R&D professional or a manufacturer of ceramic (coating) materials, we would like to hear from you. We assist in any development stage and supply micro, small and large batches and support your industrial trial. ships their ceramic coating powder worldwide via sea or air freight.

Please contact us with your project query.

Ceramic Coating Powder: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ceramic powder coating?

Ceramic powder coating is an advanced coating technique that uses a spray method to apply a very thin layer of ceramics on different types of surfaces, such as metal or plastic. The ceramic powder used is typically in a finely powdered form that is then electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the surface. The coated piece is then heat-cured, fusing the fine ceramic particles together and to the surface, creating a hard, durable, and highly heat-resistant coating. The key advantage of ceramic powder coatings lies in their exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability. They enhance the longevity and performance of materials, making them ideal for industries that need robust solutions. B2B clients across sectors like automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial manufacturing favor ceramic powder coatings for their efficiency and resilience.

Here at, we offer a sustainable and high-quality alternative. Harnessing the power of nature, we produce biodegradable ceramic coating powder additives from olive stones, offering you an environmentally friendly solution without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

What is the difference between powder coating and ceramic coating?

At, we understand the importance of using the right coating for your business needs. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Formulated for a tough and durable finish, thicker than traditional paint. The primary advantage is its environmental advantage, with nearly no volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission. Moreover, any overspray can be recycled and reused making it cost-efficient. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. It chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection. Ceramic coatings are known for their high heat resistance, superior gloss, and long-lasting durability compared to other coatings. Importantly, ceramic coating is created and optimized with higher levels of sustainable materials. At, our ceramic coating powders are developed primarily from natural, eco-friendly sources, such as olive stones. This offers an environmentally-conscious coating solution for businesses, aligning with both high-quality coating needs and sustainability goals.

What is better ceramic coating or powder coating?

Accordingly, whether ceramic coating or powder coating is better primarily hinges on the application's specific demands, as well as the desired visual and functional outcomes. Ceramic coating is generally superior in terms of heat resistance and can be applied to perform in extraordinarily high temperatures, rendering it ideal for applications that require this property. It offers a sleek, high-gloss finish that is highly resistant to chemical, corrosive and ultraviolet damage, enhancing the product's lifespan and durability. Powder coating, on the other hand, is a type of coating that is renowned for its hard, durable, and long-lasting finish. It utilizes a dry powder applied electrostatically that is then cured under heat. This technique provides an attractive, even finish that is tougher than conventional paints. In this context, delivers an innovative and sustainable solution with its ceramic coating powder. Made from olive stones, this powder not only exhibits superior quality and performance but also contributes towards global sustainability goals. This revolutionary product is pushing the boundaries of conventional coatings while ensuring reduced carbon footprint. Hence, selecting between ceramic coating and powder coating should be primarily based on your specific application and product needs. 

Can ceramics be powder coated?

Certainly, ceramic objects can be powder coated to enhance their durability, aesthetic appeal, and lifespan. Ceramic powder coating helps protect against scratches, corrosion, fading, and other damages. The powder used in this process is typically made from polyester, polyurethane, polyester-epoxy, straight epoxy, and acrylics that are fused into a powder form. provides organic and eco-friendly ceramic coating powder made from olive stones. This ceramic coating powder is not only sustainable and environment-friendly but also offers superior damage resistance, high-grade quality, and excellent finishing. By using our ceramic coating powder, manufacturing sector businesses significantly reduce their disposal costs, minimize their environmental footprint, and enhance their product quality. In high stress and intense usage scenarios such as in industrial or marine applications, our ceramic coating powder offers excellent protection and longevity. Investing in ceramic powder coatings from can provide tangible and long-term benefits to businesses seeking innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in their operations.

What are the advantages of ceramic coating powder for auto ceramic coating?

Companies in the automotive industry looking to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of their products will greatly benefit from auto ceramic coating powder. The enhanced properties offered by these ceramic coatings are numerous. 
One of the key advantages is the exceptional durability provided. Ceramic coatings, when properly applied, can last for years. This extended lifespan is particularly attractive, making the vehicles more resilient and reducing the need for frequent servicing or repainting.
The auto ceramic coating powder offers heightened scratch resistance, providing an extra layer of protection against minor scratches and scrapes. This makes automobiles a less frequent target of aesthetic damage that can impact their resale value.
Ceramic coating powder also offers unparalleled shine and gloss, giving the vehicle an instantly striking and high-value appearance. The deep gloss also enhances the original paint color, adding depth and richness to its look.
One of the more practical advantages is the hydrophobic properties ceramic coating powders offer. Coated vehicles repel water more effectively, reducing incidents of water spots and oxidation, thus prolonging the lifespan of the paintwork.
Finally, ceramic coating powders are environmentally friendly. They reduce the use of harmful chemicals often found in traditional vehicle washing and waxing products. This contributes to the sustainability initiatives of many businesses in the automotive industry.

How does the ceramic powder coating process work?

The ceramic powder coating process is particularly important for businesses seeking enhanced durability and increased efficiency of their equipment. This innovative type of coating is implemented through a series of meticulous steps, thereby ensuring a superlative finish. The process yields a tough, scratch-resistant layer that is resilient to heat, corrosive elements, and regular wear and tear – properties that businesses find valuable to ensure long-lasting quality and to decrease operational downtime due to equipment maintenance. 
The ceramic powder coating process begins with the preparation of the coating material. This involves taking raw ceramic material and grinding it into a fine powder. Subsequently, the ceramic powder is mixed with a binder, which holds the particles together. The resulting mixture is then heated to a specific temperature in order to melt the binder and fuse the ceramic powder particles together. 
Thereafter, the item, which is to be coated, is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no residue or dust remains that might compromise the coating. It is then preheated to a temperature below the melting point of the ceramic powder mixture. 
In the key phase of the process, the ceramic powder mixture is sprayed onto the hot surface of the item using a special spray gun. Due to the heat, the powder particles melt upon contact and adhere to the surface, forming a smooth layer. This stage requires precision and control to ensure that the coating is applied uniformly without any gaps or overlaps. 
Once the ceramic powder coating is applied, the coated item is heated in a curing oven. The high heat ceramic coating facilitate the hardening and bonding of the coating, providing a sturdy, tough layer. Upon completion of this step, the item is left to cool before it is set for final inspection and packaging. 
The high temperature ceramic powder coating process offers a myriad of benefits for businesses, including enhanced protection for equipment, improved durability, and increased operational efficiency. Its applications span across diverse industries, ranging from automotive to electronics, making it a viable solution for businesses seeking to maintain the highest quality standards in their products and services. 
Whether a company is aiming to extend the life of their equipment, reduce maintenance costs, or achieve superior product finishes, considering the ceramic powder coating process could be essential. Bringing together innovation and meticulous attention to detail, this process ensures equipment that can withstand the rigors of daily business operations, offering long-lasting quality that enterprise partners and consumers can trust.

Does ceramic coating protect against dust?

Yes, ceramic coating powder provided by offers excellent dust protection. In addition to varied other benefits, our sustainably produced ceramic coating powder forms a smooth, high-gloss surface on the treated item, thereby effectively repelling dust particles. Because of this characteristic, the frequency required for cleaning of the coated object decreases significantly. Moreover, our unique products are created from olive stones giving it an edge for businesses seeking eco-friendly solutions.'s ceramic coating powder not only ensures efficient dust repulsion, but also provides an environmentally sustainable solution that mirrors the modern world's increasing consciousness about ecological conservation. Thus, utilizing's ceramic coating powder is not just a choice for ensuring superior dust protection, but also a decision favoring global sustainability that could enhance your business reputation and appeal to a rapidly growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers.
With's ceramic coating powder, enjoy supreme protection against dust while contributing positively towards environmental sustainability.

What are the 6 types of powder coatings?

Powder coatings are a sustainable and advantageous solution for a wide range of applications, particularly in industries requiring durable and aesthetically pleasing surface finishes. There are six common types: 1. Epoxy coatings, known for their superior adhesion and strong resistance to corrosion, but not suitable for prolonged exposure to UV radiation. 2. Polyester coatings, often used in outdoor applications due to their excellent weather and UV resistance. 3. Polyurethane coatings, combining the benefits of epoxy and polyester, offering corrosion resistance and solar tolerance. 4. Fluoropolymer coatings, with high UV resistance and excellent color retention, ideal for architectural applications. 5. Hybrid coatings, a mixture of epoxy and polyester, used mainly for indoor applications because they lack sunlight resistance. 6. Nylon or Kydex coatings, mostly employed in the heavy-duty applications, known for their resilience against wear and damage. At, we contribute to this ecosystem by offering sustainable, bio-based powder coatings derived from olive stones. Our unique, green technology utilizes renewable resources, reducing environmental footprint and allowing for a new dimension of sustainability in coating applications. By meeting high industry standards, our ceramic coating powder ensures exceptional performance with a sense of responsibility towards nature.

What is powder coating painting?

Powder coating painting is a premium, high quality method to finish off a variety of products. This painting technique utilizes the application of a dry, powdered paint mixture that, when heated, melts and bonds securely to the surface it is applied to. Powder coating offers an array of benefits to manufacturers and final customers alike. First and foremost, it provides a durable, tough finish that resists scratches, cracks and peeling better than other painting techniques. This makes it ideal for use on a range of products, including machinery, appliances, and automobile parts. Added to its physical robustness, powder coating yields a visually appealing finish. This method creates a dense, even color layer without any drips or unevenness, ensuring a beautifully finished product.
Moreover, powder coating is a highly sustainable painting option. Unlike traditional paint methods, it does not emit any harmful solvents into the atmosphere. It is widely regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly methods of applying a color finish to a surface. This aligns perfectly with the ethical goals of many modern businesses that prioritize sustainability.
The powder coating process can also prove economical in the long run. The possibility of recycling over-sprayed materials reduces waste. This way, cost efficiency can be maintained without sacrificing the quality of the final product.
Sand blasting or pre-treatment processes that prepare the surface of the object to be painted also contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of the powder coating. Such processes ensure that the object’s surface is completely clean and free of any previous paint or finish, leading to a strong, long-lasting bond.
In conclusion, for businesses that appreciate the value of a robust, high-quality finish, the versatility, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of powder coating painting cannot be overstated.

Is your ceramic coating powder available from your company all year round?

Yes, as a leading provider in the ceramic coating powder industry, we are committed to offering our products in a consistent and reliable manner. Our extensive experience in the market and dependable sourcing practices enable us to maintain continuous production. As such, we can meet the demands of long-term supply agreements and welcome repeat orders.

To which locations do you ship your ceramic coating powder?

We are proud to offer our ceramic coating powder to customers across the globe, thanks to our comprehensive logistics network. Depending on the region, we may also distribute our product through local dealers or coating specialists. For more detailed information on delivery to your area, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is your ceramic coating powder subject to any specific regulations?

Our ceramic coating powder is manufactured using only safe and approved materials, ensuring compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. Consequently, the coating powder does not fall under chemical regulations like Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH). If you have any specific questions about regulatory compliance related to your region or application, please contact us for detailed information.

What are the minimum quantities of ceramic coating powder that you supply?

We primarily cater to industrial clients, supplying our ceramic coating powder in standard palletized units of 25 kg. While we can provide individual 25 kg bags for evaluation purposes, purchasing in larger quantities will yield better cost efficiency.

Do you offer samples of your ceramic coating powder?

Yes, we can provide samples of our ceramic coating powder for testing. Standard free samples are available in sizes of 20–25 g, with larger samples obtainable at cost. Please reach out to us for more details.

Where do the raw materials for your ceramic coating powder originate?

All our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers located near our production facility in Southern Spain. We prioritize using sustainable and locally-produced inputs, ensuring that our ceramic coating powder is created with quality and environmental responsibility in mind.

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