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Anti-Slip Additives for Paints and Coatings offers a range of powder additives to create anti-slip effects in surface coatings. Traditionally, granular particles of plastic, glass, silica or garnet have been used to create textured surfaces – both for functional and design applications. This can now be achieved more efficiently and with a better environmental footprint: with tailored granules that are fully natural, biodegradable and sustainable. Our anti slip paint additive is available in an untreated and hydrophobic form.

Ultra-Resistant, Biodegradable Hydrophobic Coating Additives

We pride ourselves in our innovative approach to anti-slip additives. In addition to our natural granules, we offer a fully hydrophobic non skid additive: Olea FP in grain size ranges from 100 to 2000 microns.

The durable powder particles are extremely resistant to abrasion and suitable also for outdoor use. Blending with natural pigments is strongly facilitated by the powder’s hydrophobicity. Moreover, Olea FP enhance the performance and durability of diverse porous surfaces due to their light weight, reactive properties (antioxidant capacities) and adjustable micron range.

Especially for industrial hydrophobic coating, our grit solutions are highly versatile. They can be integrated seamlessly in solvent-based and solvent free formulations, and be combined with silica such as white marble or conventional calcium carbonate. Above all, they are an excellent natural substitute for polyurethane or polyethylene beads and therefore contribute to solving the problematic of microplastics.

We recommend the application of our grit additive for paint as a:

  • sand texture paint additive
  • thermal paint additive
  • cold weather paint additive
  • waterproof paint additive
  • hydrophobic car paint filler
  • hydrophobic roof coating ingredient

…and others, according to your specific requirement.

Color Variants and Easy Application of the Anti Slip Particles

Our micronized functional powders are available in 15 different color variants. We have developed this range using environmentally friendly pigments and even bio-colorants. These color particles, marketed under the name Olea Colors, are ideal for semi-liquid coatings for indoor and outdoor use. A variety of design effects is made possible while creating a textured surface with a strong or light anti slip effects.

All our functional powders can be added easily to any viscous or solid paint and coating formulation. In fine micron ranges, they are effective bio-fillers and can be combined with coarser grain sizes for texturing purposes.

Drying and curing of paints and coatings is supported by our powder additives: in a hydrophobic form, they enhance resistance of your product to humidity. As untreated powders, they disperse well in hydrophilic formulations and can improve the absorption behaviour of certain material matrixes.

When used in polyurethane coatings, functional powders support quick curing / drying. This also applies for moisture curing formulations such as resins.

If you seek to create polymers, paints and coatings with an anti-slip effect, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We gladly help you find the right powder additive. Besides, we support you in making your existing formulations bio-based, environmentally friendly and easy (cost efficient) to recycle.
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