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Bio-Based Abrasives as Drying Media

Industrial drying of parts and components often requires the addition of a solid grit. At, we cater to this demand with resistant natural particles made exclusively from side-stream resources.

Traditionally, corn cob has been used due to its soft particles and relative particle stability. In recent times, however, demand has shifted away from genetically modified plants. GMO (genetically modified organisms) are prevalent in corn, so certain reservations have been raised with regard to its sustainability.

Our drying media are made of fruit stones and shells, all residues from fruit processing in Southern Spain. We transform regionally sourced raw materials into highly customized grits of superior quality – for maximum efficiency and excellent results in modern surface finishing systems.

Parts Drying with Biodegradable Abrasive Finishing Media

To dry components, rotary dryers or tumble dryers are commonly used. Parts are often treated with an anti-rust agent when entering the drying system in a wet state. Drying media are added to this process for the following reasons:

  • to absorb contaminants on the parts
  • to help distribute the rust-inhibiting product evenly on the surface of the parts
  • to absorb and evaporate the water
  • to protect the parts from damage, i.e. to add a cushioning effect
  • to prevent adhesion / formation of clusters among the parts

Olive Stone Drying Media provides olive stone powders and granules in superior quality. Besides using only the cleanest raw materials, we ensure absence of impurities, dust and odors with state-of-the art processing technology. The result is a homogeneous, granular material of light color and a wood-like scent. Its characteristics have proven very favorable for drying applications, especially thanks to excellent particle stability and shape.

We provide a variety of grain size ranges to suit different dryer systems. Olive stone granules absorb liquid only to a limited extent, which prevents the particles from swelling. Hence, blocking of nozzles and ducts can be prevented reliably.

As the olive stone medium remains intact when in contact with liquid, it has a significantly longer lifespan than corn cob or other more absorbent consumables. This allows for substantial cost savings and reduced waste. As a fully biodegradable granular medium, olive stone drying media are compostable, which translates into minimized disposal efforts.

Other benefits of olive stone granules in drum dryers and vibratory tumblers:

  • Abrasive effect: micronized olive stones are a powerful natural abrasive. They are a popular grit for pressure deburring and polishing of components in diverse surface finishing apparatuses. Their hardness makes them highly effective while the rounded particle edges prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces.
  • Separating balls: especially light / thin / flat parts often stick together during drying. Natural granules can counter this effect and enable uniform and efficient processing.
  • Impregnability: the natural particles can be treated easily with different impregnation media (i.e. for impermeability) or polishing paste. They withstand long cycle times, especially in dry polishing systems such as disc finishing machines. We can provide custom-treated abrasives to suit specialized applications.

Available standard micron sizes:

Microns (µm) U.S. mesh (nearest ASTM equivalent) Millimeters (mm)
100-315 50/140 0.1-0.315
100-500 35/140 0.1-0.5
300-600 30/50 0.3-0.6
600-800 20/30 0.6-0.8
800-1300 14/20 0.8-1.3
1300-1700 12/14 1.3-1.7
600-2000 10/30 0.6-2.0
1300-3000 7/14 1.3-3.0

If you are looking for drying consumables, polishing media or other industrial abrasives, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can make and ship any micron range in small and large quantities. Worldwide deliveries. Contact us now.

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