Argan shells are the shells of the kernel (seed) inside the argan fruit. The fruit grows on trees (argania spinosa) that can be found almost exclusively in Southern Morocco.

Argan Shell Powder as a Fine Ingredient

Besides their high energy content that make them an excellent biofuel, argan shells can be refined into a reddish-brown powder. As they are only available in very small quantities (approximately 1000 tons per year), they are a very precious raw material.

Benefits of Argan Shell Flour

Argan shell flour is a select ingredient for quality bio-based cosmetics. It makes an exquisite rheology modifier and lends its characteristic color to creamy formulations. Depending on the grain size, pure argan shell granules can also be a smooth, medium or powerful natural exfoliator. They are very stable, not soluble in water and can therefore act as waterproofing agents. Its excellent dispersing behavior make argan shell powder a sought-after basis for makeup products. Either natural or in combination with pigments, it creates a unique shimmering effect without the risk of causing allergies. Thus it’s a sustainable alternative to microplastics.
Apart from these physical benefits, argan shell powder has similar active principles as the argan oil - above all a high vitamin E content. Vitamin E has excellent antioxidant properties that protect the skin from the effects of aging.

How are Argan Shell Powders Processed?

All the argan shells we process come from organic farming. Due to the nature reserve status of the trees, no agrochemicals are used and most harvesting organizations are certified under Ecocert or USDA standards.

The century-old know-how and method to exploit the tree and its fruits were declared intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2014. Besides, the area of around 820,000ha in the Essaouira/Agadir region is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

As part of the argan oil production, the argan seed inside the fruit kernel is pressed using a traditional method. It is the work of women at cooperative organizations that ensure fair working conditions as well as sustainable and ecological business practices. The almond-like argan core is compressed in manually operated stone mills without any additives.

Customized Grades of Argan Shell Granules

We are aware of the high demands of exclusive brands and offer various types of bespoke powders. Our processing techniques support very narrow micron ranges to ensure a homogeneous look and feel of any formulation. Besides our frequently produced grades (0-50, 300-600, 600-800 microns), we offer tailored granules in ranges such as 50-100, 100-180 or 50-300 microns.

In addition, the inside of the argan shells is covered by a white, soft fiber. While this part does not have any perceptible effect in fine powders under 300 microns, it is visible in larger granules. Therefore, we offer a method of removing these fibrous particles to ensure a homogeneous appearance of granules in the ranges 300-600 and 600-800 microns.

BioPowder is a responsible producer and supplier of high quality fruit stone powders, without any chemical addition. Sustainability is our core value and we are proud of our excellent service and product quality.
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bio-powder-natural-ingredients-suppliers-Unmilled 3 - 6 mm Unmilled 3 - 6 mm
bio-powder-natural-ingredients-suppliers-600 - 800 microns 600 - 800 microns
bio-powder-natural-ingredients-suppliers-180 - 300 microns 180 - 300 microns
bio-powder-natural-ingredients-suppliers-0 - 50 microns 0 - 50 microns



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