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Smoke Chips – Sustainable Flavoring Solutions for Food

At BioPowder, we have developed a new line of flavouring and smoke chips. With wood being still the most common material used for culinary smoking, our mission is to create a new tasty experience for lovers of smoked meat, fish, cheese and other foods – all with a focus on ecology and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Smoke Chips: Enhance Flavors Sustainably

We are excited to present our innovative line of flavouring and smoke chips that offer a delightful twist to culinary smoking and a natural smoke flavour. With a strong commitment to ecology and sustainability, we have crafted these chips using renewable resources, completely avoiding tropical wood and chemicals. Our aim is to provide a new and tantalizing experience for enthusiasts of smoked meat, fish, cheese, and other delectable foods, while ensuring a healthy and environmentally friendly approach.

The foundation of our aromatic chips lies in their eco-conscious production. We have meticulously selected sustainable materials to create our range of smoke chips for smoky flavour in food. By focusing on renewable resources, we have eliminated the need for tropical wood, thus contributing to the preservation of precious forests. Moreover, we have strictly abstained from using any chemicals, ensuring that our chips provide a purely natural and wholesome smoking experience.

With our eco-friendly approach, we offer a diverse array of product variants that deliver exceptional results and unique tastes. Allow us to introduce you to our enticing selection:

Mediterranean Olive: smoke granules made from top-grade olive stones

Sweet Almond: soft smoking chips made from almond shells

Moroccan Argan: granulated argan shells from certified growers

Aromatic Apricot: selected apricot stones transformed into fragrant chips

Fine Pistachio: upcycled pistachio shells, delicately ground

Fruity Peach: delicate crunches of fresh peach stones

Our variety of different smoking crunches made from raw materials other than wood offers many possibilities to create delicious and special flavours. A whole new taste experience can be achieved naturally, without any synthetic additives.

Alternatives to Wood Chips to Create Unique Flavors

By offering alternatives to traditional wood chips in food, we provide a myriad of possibilities to create delicious and special flavours. Our smoke chips, made from raw materials other than wood, allow for a full new taste experience without the need for synthetic additives. Our purely mechanical processing methods ensure that the aroma of our fruit stones and shells comes entirely from the fruit itself. We refrain from using artificial flavours, colourants, or aromas in our processing facilities. 

Additionally, our milling techniques ensure optimal particle size ranges for any smoking method, such as

  • Cold smoking
  • Warm smoking
  • Hot smoking
  • Use in smoke ovens
  • Smoke Roasting
  • Liquid smoking
  • Barbecue smoking

A New Generation of Wood-Free Smoker and Grilling Chips for the Food Industry

Besides flavouring, smoking is an effective method to preserve cured meat, fish, and other perishable food items. Wood chips for smoking food have long been the top choice of food processors. The shavings from different trees (mostly beech, oak, maple, apple trees) are highly effective. However, there are innovative solutions obtained from by-products only, i.e. without the need to cultivate trees. BioPowder smoke chips are highly efficient and combine an excellent carbon footprint with new culinary possibilities. So there is an awesome alternative for wood chips in food flavouring processes, keeping a natural smoke flavour.

Compared to wood, BioPowder smoke chips have a higher density and therefore allow for longer and slower smoking. Very little swelling occurs in contact with liquids such as steam. Moreover, they do not contain any animal-derived substances and are therefore suitable for vegan foods.

We cater to B2B customers such as

  • Brand owners seeking to add innovative products to existing smoke chip lines
  • Manufacturers of smoked meat, fish, cheese or vegetable products
  • Distributors and producers of charcoal, firelighters, and other barbecue supplies
  • Wholesalers with a focus on culinary products and delicacies
  • Retail outlets, hardware stores, supermarket chains and other resellers
  • Steakhouses, grill, and barbecue restaurants
  • Any other restaurants featuring experimental cuisine

Packaging options and services

Our smoke chips can be sold in minimum quantities of 25 kg. The best value-for-money can be achieved with full pallets (1000kg) or truck loads.

Besides our standard packaging options, we can provide custom packaging or branded units – ready for sale. Thanks to our commitment to zero waste and environmentalism, we prefer using recyclable paper and cardboard packaging. Whatever your design, we suggest suitable packaging options and support you in all steps from material selection up to marketing and sales.

Chips made from other plant-based raw materials can also be made on-demand. For the sake of sustainability, we focus on working with fruit stones of European origin. Please feel free to get in touch with your specific requirements. We ship worldwide and offer all-inclusive delivery options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Smoke Chips

What is smoke flavouring?

Smoked flavouring refers to substances or products used to impart a smoky taste to food. It can be derived from natural sources such as wood or created synthetically to mimic the flavours of smoke. Smoke flavourings are available in different forms, including liquid smoke, smoking powder, or smoke-infused oils. They are used to enhance the taste of various dishes, ranging from meats and fish to sauces, snacks, and even beverages.

What can I use for a smoked flavour?

There are several options to achieve a smoked flavour in your cooking. Traditional methods include using wood chips or chunks in smokers or grills, which produce smoke when heated. Alternatively, you can use liquid smoke, which is made by condensing smoke and capturing it in a liquid form. Smoke flavoring powder or seasoning can also be used to add a smoky flavour. Each method provides a different intensity of smoky taste, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and cooking style.

What do smoking chips do?

Smoking chips are used to add a smoky flavour to various foods, such as meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables. When placed in a smoker or grill, the chips produce smoke when heated, infusing the food with a distinct smoky aroma and taste.

How do you make smoke chips?

The smoke chips at BioPowder are made from renewable and sustainable resources. The process involves using raw materials like olive stones, almond shells, argan shells, apricot stones, pistachio shells, and peach stones. These materials are mechanically processed to create the desired particle size ranges for different smoking methods. No artificial flavours, colourants, or aromas are used during the processing, ensuring that the chips' aroma comes entirely from the fruit or nut.

What is so special about BioPowder's Smoke Chips?

Our wood-free smoking chips represent a new generation of smoking and grilling chips tailored specifically for the food industry. We are committed to offering the best smoking chips. In addition to their flavouring properties, smoking is an effective preservation method for cured meat, fish, and other perishable food items. Traditionally, wood shavings from trees like beech, oak, maple, and apple have been the top choice for food processors due to their effectiveness. However, our innovative solutions obtained from by-products exclusively eliminate the need to cut down any trees. The BioPowder smoke chips are not only highly efficient but also boast an excellent carbon footprint, providing the food industry with new culinary possibilities while keeping a natural smoke flavour and promoting sustainability. Compared to wood, our smoke chips exhibit a high density, allowing for longer and slower smoking sessions. They experience minimal swelling when in contact with liquids like steam. Furthermore, our chips are free from any animal-derived substances, making them suitable for vegan foods and catering to diverse dietary preferences. 

Who does BioPowder supply with Smoke Chips?

We cater to various B2B customers, including brand owners seeking innovative additions to their existing smoke chip lines, manufacturers of smoked meat, fish, cheese, or vegetable products, distributors and producers of charcoal, firelighters, and other barbecue supplies, wholesalers with a focus on culinary products and delicacies, retail outlets, hardware stores, supermarket chains, and other resellers, steakhouses, grill, and barbecue restaurants, as well as any other restaurants featuring experimental cuisine. We are dedicated to serving a wide range of customers within the culinary industry. To cater to the diverse needs of our clients, we offer flexible packaging options and services. Our smoke chips can be purchased in minimum quantities of 25 kg, and for those looking for the best value-for-money, we recommend full pallets weighing 1000 kg or even truck loads. In addition to our standard packaging options, we also provide custom packaging or branded units that are ready for sale. If you have any inquiries or require further information about our smoke chips, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and assisting you in finding the perfect smoke chip solutions for your business needs.

Is it better to smoke with chips or chunks?

Both smoking chips and chunks can be used for a smoky flavour in food, and the choice depends on personal preference and the desired outcome. Smoking chips burn more quickly and produce smoke faster, making them suitable for shorter smoking durations or when a more delicate smoky flavour is desired. On the other hand, smoking chunks burn more slowly and produce smoke over a longer period, making them ideal for longer smoking sessions or when a stronger smoky flavour is desired.

What are the best chips for smoking?

The best chips for a smoky flavour in food depend on the individual's taste preferences and the type of food being smoked. At BioPowder, we offer a variety of smoke chips made from different raw materials, such as olive stones, almond shells, argan shells, apricot stones, pistachio shells, and peach stones. Each type of chip imparts a unique flavour profile to the smoked food. Experimenting with different chips can help you discover your favourite flavours.

What is the best wood chips to smoke with?

At BioPowder, we offer wood-free smoke chips made from renewable and sustainable resources. However, if you prefer traditional wood chips, the best wood chips for smoking food include beech, oak, maple, and apple trees. Each type of wood chip adds its own distinct flavour to the smoked food. It is recommended to experiment with different wood chips to find the flavour that suits your taste preferences and complements the food you are smoking. But instead of using wood chips in food flavouring processes, we recommend our more sustainable smoke chips. You will taste and enjoy the difference!

Is smoke flavouring safe?

Yes, smoke flavouring is generally considered safe for consumption. However, it's important to note that different smokable flavoring products may have varying ingredients and manufacturing processes. It is advisable to choose smoke flavourings from reputable sources and check for any specific allergens or additives that may be of concern. As with any food ingredient, individuals with specific allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution and consult relevant information or healthcare professionals.

What is the difference between smoke chips and smoking powder?

The composition and application of smoke chips and smoke flavoring powder feature noticeable differences that businesses looking to incorporate industrial smoking methods need to understand. 
Smoke chips, often derived from various types of hardwood such as hickory or apple wood, are initiated by being heated to high temperatures to create a dense, flavourful smoke. The chips react differently depending on the temperature and type of wood used, allowing businesses to customize their smoky flavours. This method is often used in traditional barbecue or smokehouse settings, best suited for smoking large cuts of meat over prolonged periods of time. The only disadvantage is that it may need frequent replenishment during the smoking process. Conversely, smoking powder, typically made from hardwood sawdust, is used in an industrial setting where food products are confined in a controlled smoke generator. The fine consistency of smoking powder allows for greater surface area coverage, ensuring that the smoke flavouring powder is distributed evenly over the food product. This quality guarantees consistency and a uniform smoky flavour to a large volume of products. Its ease of use makes it a preferred choice in commercial smoking operations, although the flavour profiles are typically less complex than those from smoke chips. Deciding on smoke chips or smoke flavouring powder will ultimately depend on the specific needs, operations and desired outcomes of a given establishment. Understanding the unique features and capabilities that each product offers can help businesses make an informed decision. This knowledge, in turn, can lead to improved product quality, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.

Is smoke flavouring vegetarian?

Inventively utilizing by-products from the food industry, pioneers in creating sustainable, eco-friendly solutions like smoke chips that hold vast potential not just in enhancing flavours, but also aligning with vegetarian and vegan diets. Ensuring the efficient use of resources and striving for zero waste are crucial in today’s business landscape, a challenge which our smoke chips elegantly address. Crafted from splintered fruit stones and shells, our smoke chips offer a unique smoked flavouring that appeals to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, making them a versatile addition to any commercial kitchen or food production plant. With a nod to sustainability and taste, these smoke chips sourced from natural raw materials transform any dish into a gourmet experience, all while respecting diverse dietary preferences., thus, goes beyond simple flavour enhancement, providing businesses with a thoughtful, innovative, and potentially game-changing component to their kitchen repertoire. Enhance your culinary offerings and commemorate sustainability with our smoke chips.

Is smoke flavouring halal?

Promoting sustainable culinary experiences is at the heart of, demonstrated with our unique variety of smoke chips. Made from the residual shells and stones of fruits, our smoke chips ensure minimal waste and maximum flavour enhancement. Understanding the diverse culinary and cultural needs of our clients, we prioritize their necessity of suitability for every dietary preference, including the halal compliant practices. As our smoked flavouring chips do not involve any animal by-products, they are perfectly halal, suitable for creating that desired smokey sensation in Middle Eastern or other dishes adhering to halal food restrictions. Enhance your cuisine, while preserving cultural food practices and promoting sustainability with our halal-compliant, eco-friendly smoke chips.

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