has developed a hydrophobic version of fine olive stone powder: Olea FP (Functional Powder) H50 and H100. This innovative specialty additive is a silane-coated powder with a water absorption rate as low as 0.15 ml/g. The amount of bonding agent used for coating is less than 1% and is firmly bonded to the surface of the particles. Hence, H50 and H100 qualify as fully natural and bio-based additives.

While the natural grade olive stone powder is mainly applied in water-based formulations, the hydrophobic material opens a variety of possibilities in the area of

  • Solvent-based paints and coatings
  • Plastics and resins / epoxy mixes
  • Ceramics

First and foremost, H50 and H100 are effective bio-based fillers to replace microplastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane. Besides, the ultra hydrophobic powder is a high-performance material that can add significant value to formulations in the following fields:

Paints, Varnishes and Coatings

Olea FP H50 and H100 are excellent matting agents with better matting capacities than conventional PE matting powder. Research has proven best results when a portion of 10% is added to a paint formulation.

In addition to the matting effect, Olea FP is an effective texturizer for both solvent-based and solvent-free formulations. Especially in epoxy, PU and polyaspartic floorings, the powder (paint bonding agent) offers the following benefits:

  • Pleasant look and feel
  • Uniform appearance
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Increased scratch and impact resistance
  • Excellent dispersion

Olea FP powders with particle sizes above 600 microns are recommended as anti slip paint additives. Thedurable powder particles are resistant to abrasion and suitable for a wide array of coatings, including those for outdooruse. Their fully plant-based nature makes them a great alternative to mineral particles.

Plastics and Resins

Olea FP (H50 and H100) is a new generation epoxy resin filler. Its high stability and excellent mechanical properties ensure high performance of your end product – be it for the use in fiber-reinforced composites, bio-based coatings or ecological adhesives. In liquid formulations, the hydrophobic material retains its light beige color and is perfect for both bright and dark end products. It integrates well with synthetic and natural pigments and is easy to handle.

In a polymer matrix, e.g. for plastic films, Olea FP can substitute starch and other foodchain-derived powders – for increased environmental sustainability. They are suitable for food packaging as well as high-performance plastics in the medical, automotive, aerospace, nautical and consumer items industries.

Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

An increased number of ceramic coatings are bio-based. In most applications, e.g. in waterproof outdoor coatings, the choice of the right additive is vital. Due to its chemical and mechanical properties, olive stone powder is resistant to hot and cold temperatures, moisture and UV light. Common ceramic applications include

  • Hydrophobic car sealants
  • Hydrophobic roof coating
  • Ceramic spray coating of any object
  • Fillers for high-performance ceramic mixes

Olea FP are available in very fine fractions without visible particles and in coarser variants to create textured surfaces.

Unique advantages of Olea FP powder additives:

  • Low density (approx. 0.6kg/l): ideal for lightweight plastics and composites
  • High temperature resistance
  • Customizable particle ranges, no sharp edges
  • Robustness and stability

We are pleased to support your development of any coating, resin or ceramic formulation and help you find the right additive. ships to all European countries (like UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc.) as well as worldwide.

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