Fruit Stone Powders as Perfect Natural Base Materials for Cosmetics

Fine micronized powders are the perfect base materials for numerous personal care formulations. was launched with the mission to provide innovative organic cosmetic base ingredients made from upcycled olive stones. Natural throughout the whole supply chain, our materials are a zero waste cosmetic base.

Properties of Natural Cosmetic Base Materials

They enhance the rheology as well as the haptic experience in liquid, semi-liquid or solid formulations, for example:

  • Shower gels: olive stone powder acts as a binder and viscosity enhancer and a carrier for any fragrance
  • Balms and body cremes: the active principles - antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenolics - in fruit stone powders ensure a soothing effect and anti-aging properties
  • Soaps: fine powders bind soapmaking ingredients and create a pleasant and creamy texture. In combination with exfoliating grains, a unique haptic experience can be achieved for nature-inspired soaps
  • Color cosmetic / decorative formulations: the rheological properties of fine pulverized olive stones enhance the sensory experience of face powders and other make-up formulations. Formulating new generations of traditionally talcum-based products is now made easy.

Our state-of-the-art micronization technology ensures a smooth and soft particle shape - for a soft and pleasant texture. As leading cosmetic base ingredient suppliers, we transform the following natural materials for cosmetics base:

  • Olive powder: shiny beige/off-white color with excellent pigment binding properties and a neutral smell and taste
  • Argan powder: soft, matte texturizer in delicate auburn hues
  • Apricot powder: the creamy solution with a subtle fresh apricot scent
  • Avocado powder: an oil-infused ingredient rich in antioxidants with an appealing rusty color
  • Peach powder: a delicate rheology in sandy tones

Unique advantages of fine powders over conventional bases and fillers

Our powders are

  • Fully plant based: no traces of animal, chemical or alcoholic additives
  • Biodegradable: a perfect alternative to any microplastic or mineral powders
  • ECOCERT-approved: for use in certified natural cosmetics ("eco", "bio", NaTrue, COSMOS, USDA Organic)
  • GMO-free: derived exclusively from EU by-products; free of corn, soy and grain
  • Customizable grain size: multiple texture variants according to your specific requirements

As leading cosmetic base ingredient suppliers, our cosmetic base powders can be packaged in small bags, 25kg bags on pallets or big bags. We ship worldwide to any destination and handle transport and customs documentation.

We assist innovators with a focus on research and development as well as marketing professionals from the personal care industry.

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