Avocado stone powder has a somewhat nutty flavor. Due to its relatively high oil content, it should be processed and consumed in a fresh state. Also, it has a pretty soft consistence and hence is used preferably in small grain sizes. The characteristic orange color makes it stand out from most fruit stone powders: it is a natural dye and can replace artificial pigments in numerous end products.

Benefits of the Avocado and its Stone

Hardly any other fruit has become such a trend food or “superfood” as the avocado in recent years. Its pulp is an extraordinarily healthy ingredient for pastes, salads, smoothies and sauces. In addition, the cosmetic industry has contributed to avocado stone flour being a popular bio-based raw material for masks, peelings and balms.

Most nutrients of this fruit, however, are contained in the large heavy avocado stone. It is richer in amino acids, vitamins and soluble fibers than any other fruit or vegetable. In its Central and South American countries of origin, the so-called “corazón de aguacate”, i.e. the heart of the avocado, has traditionally been pulverized and added to many dishes.

Also in many other parts of the world, avocado stone powder is used as a herbal remedy for vascular diseases, excessive cholesterol levels, inflammations and other illnesses. The high antioxidant content makes the avocado stone a popular elixir to prevent signs of ageing.

Applications of Avocado Shell Granules – Granulated Peel

The dark green peel of the avocado is a biomass with high elasticity. It can be ground and sieved to any micron fraction and tailored to a number of uses. Thanks to their hydrophobic nature, pure avocado peel granules remain stable when exposed to moisture and do not swell in liquid formulations. Mostly indicated for non-food applications, in order to replace synthetic additives, avocado shell granules are tried and tested as

  • exfoliating grains, i.e. in skin cleansing products
  • creamy active ingredients for leave-on formulations in personal care (balms and moisturizing cremes)
  • natural colorants similar to algae
  • high-performance substrates in real or artificial turf, i.e. bio-based solutions to replace rubber granules
  • filtration media, especially for lipophilic substances
  • air fresheners, odour neutralizers and antibacterial agents
  • raw materials for extract manufacturing

Other Avocado Powders

Due to the fad of avocado products in many countries, different parts of the fruit can be transformed and pulverized. Especially for food additives, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, also the avocado pulp has been widely used. The pulp can be mashed to produce a paste that is mostly frozen and sold as a fresh ingredient. Moreover, the mashed pulp can be filtered and spray dried to manufacture a lasting and rich concentrate.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with leading avocado processing plants, we can provide these ingredients on demand. Customization is possible to varying degrees and always with a focus on the end user benefits.

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier BioPowder provides only high grade fruit stone powders. Our bio-based abrasives do not contain any chemical additives. Our main focus is on sustainability and we proudly offer our excellent product quality and services.
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