Natural Exfoliating Beads for the Cosmetic Industry

Natural exfoliating beads for the Cosmetic Industry

The personal care industry has experienced an ever-growing trend for deep cleansing of the skin. Therefore has pursued the mission of becoming the number one supplier of exfoliating beads as a natural exfoliant. Our strategy is simple and based on a 360 degree approach to sustainability: we upcycle agricultural side streams into top-grade exfoliating powders that are suitable for a variety of cosmetic formulations. We cater exclusively to business customers and offer a wide range of exfoliating microbeads ranging from fine exfoliating powders to coarse exfoliating beads. 

The Benefits of Exfoliating Beads

There are many ways to free the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) from any dirt and to restore its fresh, glowing look. Exfoliation (or peeling, body scrub) has become a popular routine for many people. Small abrasive particles are contained in many wash-off cosmetic and create a pleasant, relaxing sensation on the skin. When applied in circular massaging movements, these exfoliating microbeads stimulate blood circulation, which is said to have a rejuvenating effect.

Therefore the market for cosmetics with natural exfoliants and exfoliating granules has been growing significantly in recent times. From shower gels with exfoliating microbeads, face wash formulae with exfoliating powders – personal care manufacturers generally cater to all demands and provide the market with numerous products containing natural exfoliating beads (exfoliant beads). Other wash-off cosmetics made with natural exfoliants include hand cleaners, foot scrubs and soaps. In contrast to micro bead free exfoliants they have a deep cleansing effect and a uniquely strong texture.

Why Choose Natural Exfoliants Instead of Synthetic Exfoliating Powders?

Growing environmental and health awareness has led to massive criticism of exfoliating beads made of plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane). Thousands of tons of those nearly invisible particles are being washed into our waters and inflict contamination on our ecosystems. Polymer-based micropowders such as PU flour are not biodegradable and consequently remain intact until they ultimately end up in our food chain. Only parts of those fine exfoliating beads are retained by sewage plants – and this is only the best-case scenario in industrialized countries. In most parts of the world, these microscopically small exfoliating beads go completely unrecycled and are often not visible with the naked eye. 

For this reason, the demand to replace the exfoliating microbeads made of plastic with natural exfoliating beads has become stronger and increasingly urgent. Luckily there are plenty of options, and our dedicated team of chemists have identified the most suitable raw materials to create top-notch natural cosmetics. Our manufacturing processes are carbon negative, and all raw materials are side stream resources from the olive oil or fruit processing industries. All this while being sourced locally and transformed into exfoliating powders by purely mechanical means. 

Advantages of Natural Exfoliants

There is great news: BioPowder offers a high-quality selection of natural exfoliating beads as a sustainable alternative (bio scrubs). They are not only effective deep-cleansing agents, but provide several unique benefits. Being fully plant-based, i.e. derived from renewable sources, our exfoliating microbeads come in a variety of colours and can be customized in size through advanced micronization methods. The exfoliant natural line is made through an innovative upcycling approach that does not generate any waste. Only selected fruit stones and shells are used to produce the biodegradable exfoliating beads, which have already received recommendations from personal care experts due to their environmental friendliness and natural degradability. Our range of exfoliating beads includes:

  • Olive pit exfoliating powder (INCI: Olea Europaea Seed Powder): a multifaceted, non-allergenic raw material with a bright colour and the active principles of the olive. Ask us for more information about the unique value chain of olive oil residues and their transformation into fine natural exfoliants. This raw material's unique chemistry allows for processing into compact natural exfoliating beads without sharp edges. Once tailored to a specific particle size range, these biodegradable exfoliating powders are extremely versatile and most popularly used in face scrubs, lip scrubs, body washes and intensely abrasive foot scrubs. Thanks to their light beige colour, olive pit exfoliating powders are suitable for pigmented formulations such as white hand cleaners. 
  • Soothing and soft almond shell exfoliating beads (INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Shell Powder): their slightly fibrous texture makes them highly suitable for solid and pasty scrub formulations. In contrast to the olive pit exfoliating powder, almond shell exfoliating beads are less compact, slightly softer and darker in colour. They are an excellent alternative to natural exfoliants made from potentially allergenic nut shells. 
  • Apricot exfoliating beads (INCI: Prunus Armeniaca Seed Powder): fine ingredients with traces of apricot oil and an indulging aroma – perfect for apricot-themed natural exfoliating scrubs. We work with fresh, seasonal apricot kernel shells without the seed. Our apricot exfoliating powders have homogeneous particles, an attractive gold-brown colour and are available in standard and tailored micron size ranges. 
  • Organic argan shell exfoliating beads (INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Extract): made of raw materials from certified Moroccan sources. Read our argan shell product page for more background information about these unique, precious natural exfoliants. Hardly any cosmetic ingredient is as sought after as argan, and natural exfoliants are no exception. Particularly recommended for upmarket personal care items with natural exfoliants, this material can be customized in a variety of powdery and granular exfoliant beads for excellent texture and sensory effects. 
  • Nearly white, environmentally friendly pistachio shell exfoliating powders (INCI: Pistacia Vera Shell Powder): these bio exfoliants for cosmetics are bright in colour and come with an attractive gloss. Especially in pistachio-themed cosmetics, they add a unique texture and attractive sensory attributes. Our pistachio shell exfoliting beads are available in 3 standard size ranges as well as in bespoke ranges. 
  • Walnut shell exfoliant beads (INCI: Juglans Regia Shell Powder): strong cleaning effect combined with a subtle nut aroma. Although walnut shell exfoliators have been an established microplastic alternative, there might be concerns regarding nut allergens. Therefore, and in order to avoid the need to declare "traces of nuts", more and more cosmetics manufacturers have chosen other natural exfoliating microbeads (such as the above).

At, we pride ourselves with sound expertise in transforming biomass into top-quality ingredients. Our granules and powders are absolutely pure, natural and free of any additives. State-of-the-art equipment combined with years of knowledge and experience ensure reliable and continuous quality. We offer a wide range of grain sizes (micron ranges) and tailor the size and texture of our biodegradable micro beads to your demand.

All products are equally suited for small and large manufacturers of personal care products, brand owners, laboratories, and distributors. Our standard packaging is 25kg paper bags, optionally with a PE liner. Smaller volumes, e.g. for laboratory testing and industrial trials, as well as samples are always available. Thanks to an efficient logistics network, we ship worldwide to your doorstep. Please note that we do not sell to private individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Natural Exfoliants and Exfoliating Beads

1. Are there any minimum order quantities for your natural exfoliator supplies?

We supply exclusively to commercial customers, i.e. industrial manufacturers and professional personal care formulators. Hence, our exfoliating powders are available as palleted batches with standard packaging units of 25 kg bags. Although we are willing to supply individual 25kg bags, you will obtain a much better value for money when purchasing larger volumes of our natural exfoliants.

2. How do you ensure that your exfoliating microbeads are in line with hygiene and safety standards?

All our batches of natural exfoliants are carefully screened throughout the entire value chain – from the raw material up to the packaged exfoliating powders. Besides, all personal care ingredients can be supplied both as untreated natural exfoliating beads as was as in an irradiated, i.e. microbiologically decontaminated, form. Different irradiation methods such as accelerated electrons or gamma rays are available upon request.

3. Which regulatory framework applies to natural exfoliants?

Our natural exfoliator assortment is made entirely of safe, biological by-products from the olive and fruit processing industry. exfoliating powders are consequently exempt from regulation frameworks for chemicals such as Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).

Most of our biodegradable powder exfoliators are compliant with natural cosmetics certifications such as ECOCERT, Natrue and others. They have also been validated according to the COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics:

4. Do you offer samples of your natural exfoliants?

Yes, we encourage our customers to test our natural exfoliator options on a lab scale before ordering larger batches. Therefore, we provide free standard samples (20-25g) and larger samples quantities at cost. Please contact us for further information and specify your preferences.

5. To which destinations can you ship your powder exfoliators?

Thanks to our global logistics network, we can ship all our products such as the exfoliating beads to your doorstep – both in Europe and worldwide. In some instances, we sell through specialized resellers such as distributors for natural exfoliator solutions.

6. Is your cosmetics ingredients supply available in bespoke versions?

Yes, besides certain standardised personal care ingredients with offer tailored cosmetics additives. We are open to processing the natural raw materials of your choice in a variety of particle size ranges. Please contact us for further information.

7. Where do your raw materials come from?

All our natural ingredient suppliers (i.e. raw material providers) are located in close proximity to our production facility in Southern Spain. We only import argan shells from sustainable sources in Morocco. Hence, our cosmetics ingredients supply range is made from local by-products by local people.

8. Do you offer long-term supply contracts?

Yes, and we strive to be your number one choice of natural ingredients suppliers. To guarantee regular shipments at stable conditions, we are definitely willing to enter framework agreements with our customers. We offer attractive discounts for recurring orders and ensure constant quality and timely deliveries.

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