Abrasive / Cleaning

Household And Detergent Additives

Replace synthetic microbeads in household cleaning products and detergents with natural abrasive particles.

Natural abrasive particles as replacements of synthetic microbeads

Abrasive micro-beads and liquid plastics are being banned from household applications due to harmful effects on the environment.

Ground- and seawater contamination and hence infiltration of synthetic substances into the food chain are no longer tolerated by consumers. The market increasingly requires bio-based or even compostable alternatives.

Cleaning media with biodegradable components

Renewable granules are setting new standards of sustainability in abrasive, hygiene and household applications. Silica and wax are not biodegradable and are only a stopgap until a more permanent natural solution is found.

Household applications for fruit stone powders include:

Surface Cleaners

Polishing products need to be gentle enough for soft polishing, without leaving a scratch while still having a cleaning effect. The size and irregular shape of individual particles of the olive pit powder and our other products has just such an effect and can be integrated in:

  • Car cleaning products with anti-scratch effect
  • Furniture treatment media such as paint and varnish removal products
  • Wood and metal polishing and pipe cleaning products

Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing

Health and safety considerations should come first in such environments. Our nutshell and fruit stone granules are perfect for de-greasing and cleaning highly contaminated surfaces. The intensive abrasion made possible is also suitable for use in sanding and blasting systems and other industrial abrasives. Learn more about using bio-based powders for industrial abrasives. 

Toilet Rim Blocks

Formulations for toilet rim blocks have to take into consideration both perfume and aesthetics such as color while balancing these with hygienic value and effectiveness against bacteria. The resulting product has to be soluble yet durable enough to withstand days of use.  

Bio-based powders can become core components of these formulations, with the ability to act as:

  • Creamy fillers
  • Carriers of pigments/colourants/perfumes
  • Strong binders
  • Benefits for your application:

    • Anti-allergic effect
    • No risk in case of ingestion
    • Anti-scratch effect
    • Micro-abrasion and intensive abrasion

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