Blasting / Polishing

Industrial Abrasives

Through a clean mechanical process, we transform fruit stones and nutshells (olive stones, walnut and pistachio shells) into high-quality industrial granules that can be used for blasting and polishing.

Applications of fruit stone powders as industrial abrasives

Fruit stone powders are excellent abrasives for a variety of industrial applications. Due to their high lignin and carbon content, fruit stone and shell granules are highly adaptable for processing and use in blasting.

Olive stone granules can be used at high pressures:

  • To clean or polish surfaces of tableware, furniture, floorings/tiles, machines, large vessels such as ships, and all kinds of facilities. 
  • For blasting plastic and rubber surfaces and removing paints, aluminum and zinc die casting, and electronics, for instance in shipyards or disposal facilities.
  • As a replacement for silica when removing graffiti or pollution on public buildings, restoration of buildings, monuments, and bridges.
  • For aircraft engine cleaning as well as cleaning of steam turbines in power stations.

Benefits for your application:

  • Resistance: fruit stone powders are characterized by a high hardness (3.5-4 according to Mohs) as well as thermal and chemical resistance
  • Ecological and sustainable: produced purely mechanically and in a resource-saving way
  • Fully biodegradable, so not subject to environmental permits from local authorities before being used

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