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Natural Fillers for Sealants

Sealants are traditionally made from polymers filled with mineral powders such as calcium carbonate. Those fillers are generally mined, which makes them a natural resource, however, with a mediocre ecological footprint. The same is true for synthetic fillers such as glass fibre.

Most adhesive sealants are polyurethane or silicone compounds. They range from liquid to viscous and are versatile in use. Due to growing concerns about environmental sustainability of such synthetic formulations, bio-based additives can be the solution to improve recyclability and safety of sealants.

At, we pursue the mission of creating additives that are both healthy and functional, and that facilitate eco-friendly material innovation.

Olea FP: functional fillers made from recycled olive stones has developed a new generation of fully plant-based sealant additives. Our range includes powdery and granular fillers produced from upcycled olive stones, i.e. by-products of the olive oil production. The unique advantages of these lignocellulosic raw materials are perfected through state-of-the-art milling and micronization techniques and other mechanical treatment options.

As a result, Olea FP filler solutions are available in a wide range of bespoke grain sizes, which cater to a variety of texture and rheology requirements. They are not only suitable to replace conventional mineral fillers (talcum, calcium carbonate, glass powder, precipitated silica, etc.) but also to add reactive properties to numerous sealant products such as

  • Construction sealants such as jointing compounds and grouts
  • Putty formulations for wood repair applications
  • Adhesive sealants such as high-performance glues
  • Adhesive coatings, i.e. for tapes
  • Craft glues

Research has demonstrated excellent results of functional fillers in different types of sealants and adhesives, especially PU, epoxy, silicone, butyl and polyimide composites.

Besides environmental and sustainability benefits, Olea FP can enhance the technical properties and lifespan of adhesives due to the following characteristics:

  • Antioxidant effects due to a high content of hydroxyl groups in the powder particles
  • Light weight: Olea FP only weigh a fraction of most mineral fillers and are therefore well suited for use in lightweight components
  • Texture and rheology: diverse effects can be created due to customized micron ranges
  • Anti-slip properties: hard granular surface particles are part of the Olea FP range
  • Enhanced bonding thanks to irregular particle shapes and fibre content
  • Decorative properties: granular shapes and natural color tones are available

Hydrophobic filler solutions sealant and adhesive fillers are available as ultra-hydrophobic grades. While the natural grades of Olea FP are mildly hydrophobic, we offer coated powders for enhanced results in hydrophobic systems.

Various treatment options are available to ensure a low content of additives. Olea FP H50 and H100 are suitable for bio-based formulations and produce excellent results in combination with other plant-based ingredients.

Hydrophobic olive stone powders are particularly recommended to create strong barrier properties and water-repellent effects in sealants. Prominent applications include protective coatings, impermeable paints and varnishes.

The team provides extensive support to formulators and manufacturers of sealants – throughout all stages of R&D, industrial trials up to industrial production. We ship batches of practically any size worldwide to any destination. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your project.

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