Natural Cosmetic Base Powders, Texturizer and Bulking Agent Solutions

Most solid, viscuous or semi-solid cosmetics are made from a cosmetic base, which is a mix of basic ingredients or, in some instances, a creamy or powdery standalone ingredient. At, our mission is to facilitate the formulation of cosmetic products by providing cosmetic base, texturizer, bulking agent and matting agent solutions and natural powders made entirely from plant-based raw materials. Specifically, we provide innovative base materials from upcycled agricultural by-products that can be used in a variety of all natural cosmetic products, such as base, make-up and other leave-on cosmetics. 

In many make-up and color cosmetic items, synthetic base materials such as polymer powder or silicon are often used to achieve a certain texture. In light of the environmental concerns and potential health hazards in connection with microplastics, natural and biodegradable alternatives are a sought-after option. Fine, micronized fruit stone powders can be the ideal base material for numerous personal care formulations. Natural throughout the whole supply chain, our natural powders and materials are a zero waste base. In other words, a circular product made from recycled by-products in a mechanical manufacturing process.

Functions of Natural Powders as a Cosmetic Base

Texturizer powders

Fine micronized fruit powders for cosmetics in variable grain sizes were developed to create unique textures in a variety of cosmetic formulations. Our core competency is the customization of powder particles in ranges as fine as 20 microns, whereby the rheological and sensory properties of personal care formulations can be adjusted in different ways. The result can be attractive creamy make-up products, balms, face creams and even wash-off products. Most importantly, our fruit stone cosmetic powders were developed as biodegradable alternatives to polymer powders such as acrylates/PMMA, polyurethane or styrene copolymer. 

Bulking agent in cosmetics or filler solutions

Traditionally, solid base powder made from silica, cellulose, chitin or sulphates has been used to increase the volume of cosmetic formulations and to dilute other (reactive) ingredients. natural powders are a new generation of organic powders and biodegradable functional fillers. The lignocellulosic natural powders classify as lightweight fillers (density around 0.5-0.6kg/l) with interesting reactive properties. Due to this multifunctional nature, they can replace conventional inert fillers while adding antioxidant effects to cosmetic formulations. 

Carrier additives 

Due to their reactiveness, particle surface structure and light color, natural powders are excellent carriers for pigments. In color cosmetics, they can bond with plant-based pigments and, where natural skin tones are desired, act as standalone colorants. In formulations where polymer powders have been used as a substrate for pigments (e.g. mascara or lipstick), our fruit powders for cosmetics are an excellent biodegradable alternative. The same applies for solid carriers of fragrances or natural actives. 

Matting powder, opacifiers  

Cosmetic formulators have traditionally opted for talcum as a base material for matting powders. This is where makes a difference with circular, plant-based natural powders: our natural cosmetic powder come with strong matting properties, i.e. they can absorb oily compounds on the skin and leave a matte, velvety appearance – all without the hazards of talcum. Especially in compact powders or makeup foundations, our fine olive stone powder can stand out as a truly multifunctional powder that greatly reduces the need for synthetic ingredients. Its natural mattifying effect combined with excellent opacifying powers make it a sought-after primary ingredient for innovative, fully natural color cosmetics. The use of potentially harmful synthetics can be kept down to a minimum – which translates into significant environmental and economical benefits. 

Skin abrasive/exfoliant 

Powders for skin care can be a new approach to skin cleansing – free from microplastics and other chemicals. The texturizing properties of our fine natural powders can be combined with a delivate abrasive effect, to clean the skin of dead cells and create a fresh and radiant glow. Especially in face masks, a light to medium natural exfoliant can add an attractive texture and rheology besides effective cleansing properties. The same applies for nature-inspired solid or liquid soaps with a unique haptic experience. 

Types of Biodegradable Cosmetic Base and Texture Powder Solutions 

Our state-of-the-art micronization technology ensures a smooth and soft particle shape – for a soft and pleasant texture. As leading cosmetic ingredients supplier, we transform the following natural materials for natural cosmetic base:

  • Olive stone powder (INCI: Olea Europaea Seed Powder): a shiny beige/off-white colored natural powder with excellent pigment binding properties and a neutral smell and taste. The properties of the raw olive stone allow for processing into extremely fine grain size ranges and manufacturing of bespoke particle size ranges for a diverse texture and rheology requirements. 
  • Argan shell powder (INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Extract): soft, matte texturizer in delicate auburn and/or rust read hues. Designed for upmarket color cosmetics to stand out with unique selected base materials. This texturizer is available only in limited quantities and is unparalleled in terms of quality and sustainability. 
  • Apricot stone powder (INCI: Prunus Armeniaca Seed Powder): a creamy cosmetic base solution with a subtle, fresh apricot scent. Made from the shell of the apricot kernel, it is rich in antimicrobial and antioxidant properties – either as a base material for extraction or a mechanically processed natural powder.
  • Avocado stone or avocado shell powder (INCI: Persea Gratissima Extract): an oil-infused natural cosmetic base ingredient rich in antioxidants and with an appealing rusty color. The high oil content leads to a somehow limited shelf life and hence fast processing is highly recommended. 
  • Peach stone powder (INCI: Prunus Persica Seed Powder): a delicate sensory powder in sandy tones; suitable for decorative cosmetics in skin colors or pigmented products.
  • Almond shell powder (INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Shell Powder): a classical, light to medium beige texture powder with a creamy consistency. Also a natural bulking agent free of nut allergens. Opaque and mildly exfoliating in larger grain size ranges. 

Cosmetic Base Materials as Natural Actives

The active principles – antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenolics – in fruit powders for cosmetics ensure a soothing effect and anti-aging properties. Especially for body balms and other leave-on cosmetics, these active principles in combination with the abovementioned functional properties make our natural powders truly multifunctional. 

Studies have also proven the antimicrobial properties of extracts made from our powdery base materials. Such intermediate processing is done throughout the cosmetic industries and to meet the requirements of a variety of end products. 

Unique advantages of fine powders over conventional bases and fillers

Our powders are

  • Fully plant based: no traces of animal, chemical or alcoholic additives
  • Biodegradable: a perfect alternative to any microplastic or mineral powders
  • ECOCERT-approved: for use in certified natural cosmetics ("eco", "bio", NaTrue, COSMOS, USDA Organic)
  • GMO-free: derived exclusively from EU by-products; free of corn, soy and grain
  • Customizable grain size: multiple texture variants according to your specific requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Natural Powders

1. Are there any minimum order quantities for your natural powders?

We supply exclusively to commercial customers, i.e. industrial manufacturers and professional personal care formulators. Hence, our base materials and texturizing natural powders are available as palleted batches with standard packaging units of 25kg bags. Although we are willing to supply individual 25kg bags, you will obtain a much better value for money when purchasing larger volumes of our natural cosmetic base powders.

2. How do you ensure that your natural powders are in line with hygiene and safety standards?

All our batches of natural cosmetic ingredients are carefully screened throughout the entire value chain – from the raw material up to the packaged fruit stone powders. Besides, all personal care ingredients can be supplied both as untreated natural powders as was as in an irradiated, i.e. microbiologically decontaminated, form. Different irradiation methods such as accelerated electrons or gamma rays are available upon request.

3. Which regulatory framework applies to natural powders?

Our natural assortment of texturizers, bulking agent in cosmetics and matting powders is made entirely from safe, biological by-products of the olive and fruit processing industry. natural powders are consequently exempt from regulation frameworks for chemicals such as Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).

4. Do you offer samples of your natural powders?

Yes, we encourage our customers to test our natural exfoliator options on a lab scale before ordering larger batches. Therefore, we provide free standard samples (20-25g) and larger samples quantities at cost. Please contact us for further information and specify your preferences.

5. To which destinations can you ship your natural powder additives?

Thanks to our global logistics network, we can ship all our natural cosmetic base powder products to your doorstep – both in Europe and worldwide. In some instances, we sell through resellers/distributors of specialty ingredients.

6. Are your cosmetic base and texturising natural powders available in bespoke versions?

Yes, besides certain standard micron ranges we offer bespoke particle sizes. We are open to processing the natural raw materials of your choice in a variety of texture powders and sensory additives. Please contact us for further information.

7. Where do you source your cosmetic base raw materials?

All our natural ingredient suppliers (i.e. raw material providers) are located in close proximity to our production facility in Southern Spain. We only import argan shells from sustainable sources in Morocco. Hence, our entire range of texturizer, bulking agent, filler and base material solutions is made from local by-products by local people.

8. Do you offer long-term supply contracts?

Yes, and we strive to be your number one supplier of natural base materials and best natural powders. To guarantee regular shipments at stable conditions, we are definitely willing to enter framework agreements with our customers. We offer attractive discounts for recurring orders and ensure constant quality and timely deliveries.

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