Resins / Coatings / Adhesives

Fillers, Binders & Carriers

100% biodegradable powders can be an interesting alternative to synthetic fillers such as liquid plastics, silica, wax or other micro-granules.

Fillers are useful to increase the volume of a material and/or to add weight or mass to products such as glues, paints, inks or resins. This can help you obtain a significant price advantage.

Binders facilitate cohesion of components in a material with the goal of improving its texture, hardness or specific properties.

Paints, coatings and varnishes

Fruit stone powders are environmentally friendly, renewable binding agents and additives for paints and coatings. They are inodorous fillers of a light colour and with binding capacities for pigments or perfumes. Due to their hydrophilic character, they are especially suitable for use in solvent-free, viscous / semi-liquid (adhesive) products.

Sealants and adhesives Olea FP additives are natural high-performance fillers for sealants. Whether adhesive or not, sealants can be enhanced by adding bespoke olive stone particles with strong reactive properties, a lightweight and versatile texture effects. Our hydrophobic range was created to enhance barrier properties and impermeability – in a fully sustainable way.

Suggested Proven Applications

Our fruit stone powders have been tested across various filling and binding applications. They have proven to be particularly effective at:

  • modifying texture, haptics and flowing behaviour
  • enhancing pigment bonding, adhesive capacities or material resistance
  • controlling opacification and density

Fruit stone powders are very versatile as binders and fillers and can be used in a wide range of applications from ceramic to paints, varnishes, glues or inks.

Green resins

For manufacturers of epoxy resins looking to replace conventional additives with green alternatives, fruit stone/shell powders and shell can be the ideal solution. Besides, bio-based filler materials have proven to be effective performance enhancers of compression molding or cast resins. Increased material safety and simplified disposal (recycling) are other advantages over synthetic fillers.  

Ceramic fillers

Various tests have demonstrated the capacity of our fruit stone powders to enhance porosity in ceramics. Highly porous ceramic products can then be utilized for filtration, separation, purification and diffusion, allowing the free flow of liquid or gas. By integrating our fruit stone powders in your ceramics, you will be able to replace metal, plastic, or fibre-based components, providing higher levels of performance and increasing the lifespan of your product.

Benefits for your application:

  • Sustainability: no use of additives, zero emissions during manufacturing
  • Resistance to abrasion due to a hardness of >3.5 on the Mohs scale
  • Anti-slide effect: durable micro-particles add a lasting surface texture for floor coatings or other surfaces
  • Odourless raw materials with odour-absorbing effects
  • Colouring/whitening, binding and reinforcing properties
  • Hydrophilic: ideal for use in solvent-free formulations

If you have something else in mind, we can help you select the natural ingredients that integrate best with your formulation.

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