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Paint Bonding Agent Additives offers an innovative range of biological powder additives for paint bonding applications. Either in a natural or hydrophobic form, our Olea FP (Functional Powders) are 100% made from top-grade olive stones – a sustainable side stream material.

Bonding agents are mainly resins, e.g. epoxies, that facilitate adherence of a coating to a surface material. In practice, primers are often applied to a surface to enhance adhesion of the subsequently applied paint.

The low-density particles of Olea FP can easily migrate on the surface and create an optimized adhesive particle flow. Customizable micron sizes in the fine range can also improve binding power and adhesion, especially in solvent-free formulations.

Adhesive Applications: Enhanced Bonding and Texture

Manufacturers of adhesives rely on our biodegradable powders to create material mixes with excellent bonding capacity. For example, our additives can be used to create paints that can be applied directly to any surface, without the need for prior sanding or application of a primer. Besides, foundations and undercoatings can be improved while boosting the bio-based percentage of their components.

In the past years, the demand for ecological glues has grown impressively: consumers are becoming aware of potentially harmful effects of synthetic glues, especially when used in their immediate environment. Hence, there is a clear buying preference for adhesives with minimal solvents, volatile organic compounds or other chemicals. Our range of Olea FP helps formulators solve the challenge of creating effective bonding agents with plant-based additives!

At one glance: powders are effective additives for

  • epoxy and polyurethane adhesives
  • lightweight craft glues
  • adhesive strips
  • wood and natural surface glues
  • sealants, e.g. hydrophobic car sealants or hydrophobic paint sealants

Thanks to variable particle sizes, our powders can act as strong porosity enhancers. This is advantageous for glues to bind porous materials. Especially in the medical field where bonding of biomaterials with non-toxic agents is crucial, Olea FP is the natural solution for innovative high-porosity adhesives.

Bonding Additives for Ultra Hydrophobic Material

Our hydrophobic powders Olea FP H50 and H100 were developed for the use as hydrophobic fillers. They can therefore act as hydrophobic bonding agent additives in a variety of resins and hydrophobic coating for plastic items.

When exposed to moisture, H50 and H100 retain their light beige color. This is particularly advantageous for manufacturers of wood adhesives or wood repair products. No bleaching is required to match the color of wood, but it is possible to work with natural pigments to adapt to different wood types. Hence, this opens opportunities for restoring wooden floors and furniture with ecological resins and coatings.

If you are a developer of paints, coatings or adhesives, we are pleased to offer you innovative natural bonding additives. Our experts can guide you in your formulation work and assist with industrial trials. We ship all products in micro, small and large batches and deliver to any location worldwide. Contact us now with your inquiry.

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