Peach kernel oil has become increasingly popular in recent years. Consequently, there has been a good availability of peach stones. Similar to apricots and plums, peaches have a large stone with an oily seed that is processed in local mills. While the stone is crushed to obtain the seed, the wooden shell is a by-product consisting mainly of cellulose and lignin. We are specialized in transforming this shell into high-grade powders.

Due to their neutral smell, peach stone powders are a versatile base material and additive. Similar to the oil of the seed, they have a slightly bitter taste. Human consumption should be limited to small quantities.

Peach Stone Granules in Personal Care

The medium brown to rust red color ensures a pleasant look of peach stone granules. Whether micronized into fine powders or sieved to a larger grain size, they are sought-after quality ingredients for the personal care industry.
Numerous product lines have been developed around the peach and its nutritive benefits (mainly antioxidants, vitamin A, C and E). In recent years, peach extracts and peach exfoliators have been added to smoothing and cleansing formulations. The relatively homogeneous shape of peach stone granules ensures a soft but effective natural skin abrasion without the risk of causing micro-lesions. We offer different micron size ranges (e.g. 0-300, 300-600μm) to fulfill different requirements with regard to texture, rheology, scrubbing effect and appearance). In small grain sizes, peach stone granules may contain a residue of the oily seed inside the kernel. The consequence is a creamy look and feel with thickening and texturizing properties. Formulation chemists take advantage of this effect in cremes, balms, shampoos and decorative cosmetics and use the bio ingredient as a replacement of synthetic microbeads.

Peach Stone Abrasives and Industrial Powders

The relatively high hardness (approx. 3.5 on a Mohs scale) make granulated peach kernels a suitable bio-based abrasive for polishing, cleaning and sandblasting applications. In contrast to walnut shells, peach stone powders do not contain any nut-related allergens, which makes them absolutely safe.
The irregular shape of peach stones also has a strong decorative effect. Crushed or raw, peach stones are recommended for use in landscaping, home and garden design, sustainable fashion and as insulation or construction materials.

Origin of Our Peach Stone Powder Raw Material

Our peach stones only come from selected fruit-processing companies and farms in Southern Europe (Spain). They are neither chemically treated nor genetically modified and comply with the common European food standards. To the same extent as our other natural granules, they qualify as vegan, halal, kosher and GMO-free.

BioPowder is a reputable fruit stone powder manufacturer and supplier. Our bio-based abrasives are free of any chemical additives. We are proud of our outstanding product and service quality and that sustainability is our main concern. Benefit from the advantages of our direct sales and our international delivery to all EU countries (like France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK etc.) and worldwide. Contact us now!

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