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Fiber Additives for Bio-Based Composite Materials

BioPowder.com is a specialist for innovative fiber additives originating from the circular economy. We transform olive oil by-products into powders of high quality and with unique characteristics such as excellent stability, homogeneous particle shape and a bright colour.

These properties make them highly suitable as fillers and reinforcing fibers for composite materials. Composites are materials made of two components that have distinct physical and chemical properties. In combination, the two components ensure enhanced characteristics of the finished compound.

In recent times, there has been a strong trend of replacing synthetic components, e.g. glass or plastics, with natural and renewable materials. The result are bio-composites, i.e. composites with a certain percentage of natural and/or plant-based ingredients.

Our Best Value Proposition: Olive Stone Composite Additives

In recent years, a variety of plant-derived materials have been used in composite manufacturing: starch, flax, hemp, corn cob, bagasse and coconut fibre – just to name a few. Depending on the final application, these materials have their advantages and shortcomings. While their technical properties have mostly been satisfactory, they are not always sustainable, in spite of their herbal origin.

This is where our mission comes in: to provide optimized compounding additives from sustainable sources. Compared to other plant fibres, our powders and granules offer the following advantages:

  • high stability: olive stone powder does not expand in contact with liquids and maintains its shape. Its particles can be customized to any grain size range that will remain stable, even when bearing load.
  • hardness and strength: pulverized olive stones have a hardness of 3.5 (Mohs scale). When used as reinforcing fibres in composites, BioPowder.com additives can significantly enhance tensile strength, resistance and durability of the finished material. As resin and/or polymer fillers, they improve the resin’s bonding capacity, strength and carbon footprint.
  • light weight: with a density of 500-550g/l, our powder additives are ideal bio-fibres for lightweight composites used in aviation, shipbuilding, automotive and medical applications.
  • variety of texture effects: this is made possible through custom sizes of our granules. Fine powders are the solution for plain surfaces while coarse granules can add visible texture and anti slip effects.
  • environmental and human sustainability: BioPowder.com powder additives are made exclusively from sidestream products, i.e. upcycled agricultural residues. Hence, we do not process any food items or crops. In other words, no plantations and the associated use of soil and water resources are needed.

Proven Examples of Biocomposite Applications

To facilitate your development works, we have recently started to create our own bio-based composite mixes. With the goal of improving existing PVC systems, we launched an ultra-resistant floor coating with hydrophobic properties. Our naturazzO flooring concept proves the effectiveness of olive stone granules.

BioPowder.com compounding additives also offer a number of benefits when used in composites for the following applications:

Rubber Compounds

Our micro-powders can add significant value to rubber compounds for tyres, seals and hoses, shoe soles and similar items. Strength and stability can be improved while reducing the environmental impact of microplastics.

Bio-Based Additives for PVC Composites and Linoleum

BioPowder.com natural filler and fibre solutions can add strength, stability and abrasion resistance to PVC-based flooring systems. Besides, they facilitate the development of ecological linoleum products with superior performance. Similar effects are possible when integrating our micronized bio-additives into molded PVC components for diverse technical applications.

Engineered Wood and Plastic

BioPowder.com additives were designed to enhance construction materials made from wood. Besides, performance and environmental sustainability can reach new levels when they are integrated in plastic composites and textile fibers.

Biodegradable Performance Composites

Especially the packaging industry has strongly relied on our functional powders to create a new generation of environmentally friendly plastics. Degradability is also a desired property in many state-of-the-art consumer items and design objects.

What is your composite project all about? We are pleased to support you in finding the right compounding additives.
Please contact us for assistance and trial quantities. We deliver small batches as well as bulk quantities within Europe and worldwide.

If you have something else in mind, we can help you select the natural ingredients that integrate best with your formulation.

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