Bio-Based Infill Materials

Artificial Turf Infill: Innovative Bio-Solutions

Artificial turf, be it for sports pitches or decorative gardening, has traditionally been filled with synthetic infill materials. These solid particles have the purpose of stabilizing the turf by supporting the individual grass blades to keep them upright. In addition, they protect the grass base from degradation through sunlight. Rubber granules have long been considered the best infill for artificial turf due to their elasticity and light weight. However, environmental concerns about microplastic being released into nature have led to a demand for natural alternatives.

Olive Stone Turf Infill Material and Sand for Artificial Grass

Most high-performance sports turfs consist of several layers of infill granules. There is generally a hard base, a bottom layer of sand infill and a second layer of lighter, elastic granules. The sand is a heavy material to keep the grass blades upright while the top layer is generally of lighter weight and flexible texture.

Natural Olive Stone Sport Turf Infill

We provide superior infill solutions for artificial sports turf such as soccer / football pitches, golf courses and racing tracks. Our infill materials can be customized for ideal results in any climatic conditions. Hydrophobic high-performance versions are available besides resistant fillers for coatings of hard sporting surfaces.

Olea Fill as a Pet Turf Infill

Just as on athletic fields or playground grass, olive stones are effective fillers for artificial pet turf. Especially for dogs, artificial turf solutions become more and more popular as they are easy to maintain. Therefore, we provide turf designers with filling granules that are fully natural and therefore, safe, easy to handle and recycle and absolutely free of any microplastic or other potentially harmful materials.

Bio-Fillers for Landscaping and Leisure Turf

Petroleum-based solid infill materials have long been used in turfs for playgrounds, swimming pool surroundings and other lawn areas. Now there are upgraded solutions to create premium artificial grass spaces with an optimal carbon footprint that fulfil the highest environmental standards: Olea Fill is a new generation of biological infill granules made from upcycled agro-waste.

At, our mission is to help manufacturers and designers of artificial turf enhance their infill solutions. From football pitches to putting greens – whatever your area of focus might be, we support you in phasing out rubber granules or synthetic turf sand. With our olive stone grass infill, you will stand out as an innovator while enhancing your turf’s lifespan and performance.

Please contact us with your turf project. We provide made-to-measure solutions and ship within Europe and worldwide.

If you have something else in mind, we can help you select the natural ingredients that integrate best with your formulation.

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