Bio-Based Infill Materials

Olive Stone Infill Material and Sand for Artificial Grass

A sand infill with a high weight is often used to create a stable base layer. On top of it, a more elastic artificial grass infill is added in varying quantities. This surface layer is exposed to movement by sportspeople and degradation by the elements.

To ensure lasting stability of the turf while providing a biodegradable infill solution, the team has created Olea Fill. In consideration of the commonly used sports turf infill made of rubber, we have developed a fully natural alternative on the basis of olive stones. Our homogeneous, dust-free granular turf filler unites a number of advantages such as

  • ideal weight and density, i.e. lighter than sand for artificial turf and heavier than microplastics or cork. This creates a good elasticity effect and a slower degradation by wind and moisture – hence, a longer lifespan
  • smooth particles shape: Olea Fill granules have no sharp edges, which prevents injury of athletes when sliding
  • light beige, natural color: integrates well with nature-inspired landscaping projects
  • resistance: olive stone does not change shape or texture when exposed to rain or varying temperatures. The material does not swell or float and therefore keeps its effectiveness even under harsh weather conditions.
  • easy disposal: 100% plant-based turf infill solution that produces zero waste
  • sustainability: in contrast to silica-based products such as envirofill infill, Olea Fill is made exclusively from side-stream resources. At we do not process any crops or mined minerals.

From all the available artificial turf infill options, Olea Fill combines the best value-for-money with performance, durability, aesthetics and eco-friendliness. In some instances, filler granules can also be suitable as an infill for natural grass.

At, our mission is to help manufacturers and designers of artificial grass infill enhance their infill solutions with our olive stone grass infill.

Please contact us with your turf project. We provide made-to-measure solutions and ship within Europe and worldwide.

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