Our almond shell powders are generally made of the raw material prunus amygdalus dulcis, known as the most common (edible) sweet almond.

Almond Shell Powders as Ingredients for Bio-Based Cosmetics

First and foremost, micronized almond shells are a popular ingredient for bio-based skincare formulas. They are a sustainable alternative to microplastics. As they are relatively soft, they are a number one choice for manufacturers of natural exfoliants. Shower gels, face washes, soap bars and other wash-off products often contain 5-10% of almond shell granules for a gentle abrasive effect. Such scrubs do not only deep-cleanse the skin but also stimulate blood circulation and enhance the users' overall vitality.

Health Benefits of Almond Shell Flour

Besides, fine almond shell flour is a valuable biological food ingredient for cereal compositions, baking mixes, candies and processed meat or meat replacement items. It adds easily digestible fiber to reduce the calory content, acts as a carrier for flavors or as a natural binder and texturizer with fashionable qualities: gluten-free, grain-free, vegan.

Uses of Crushed Almond Shells in Material Science

Similar to wood chips, granulated and pulverized almond shells have found their way into a number of industrial applications as an innovative bio-material. Their fibrous consistency, light brown color and low weight make them a valuable by-product ready to be integrated into

  • composite mixes, e.g. wood-plastic composites (WPCs)
  • cellulose or lignin fibres
  • activated carbon used in filter media or personal care items
  • firelighters and specialty charcoals: this can greatly reduce harmful emissions
  • wood glues and bio-based resins
  • medium-density fibreboards (MDF panels)

or used as standalone products such as

  • animal beddings or gardening substrates
  • biofuels, e.g. as pellets or briquettes
  • granules for synthetic turf
  • smoke chips for flavoring meat, fish, cheese or other foods.

Origin of our Almond Shell Powder Raw Material

We obtain our quality almond shells all freshly and start processing them immediately during the harvesting season. They are cleaned, separated from any foreign matter such as dust, dried and stored in a clean environment.

We buy our almond shells from selected producers in Southern Spain where the harvest takes place throughout the summer until early fall. Spain produces an average of 45,000-50,000 tons of almonds per year; this translates into around 8,000 tons of high-quality almond shells.
The Almonds are mostly handpicked and collected in conventional nets. Due to limited space, only few almond plantations are suitable for machine harvesting. Two trained harvesters need around 10 minutes to pick the crop of one tree.

BioPowder is a responsible producer and supplier of fruit stone powders, bio-based abrasives free of any chemical addition. Sustainability is our duty and we are proud of our excellent product and service quality.
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