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We supply natural ingredients with healthy active properties for the food and animal-feed industry. Our plant-based food and feed ingredients can also be integrated into formulae for food supplements, functional foods, capsules/tablets and other pharma- and nutraceutical products.

Nutrient-Rich Food and Feed Ingredients for Health and Texture

As a reputable food powder supplier, is recognized for providing highly sought-after food ingredients by foodstuff manufacturers. Our ingredients are valued for their ability to enhance the energy and fibre content of performance foods/feeds, catering to the growing demand for nutritious and functional products. Specifically, our olive stone powder is a prime example of an ingredient that offers exceptional nutritional value. It is rich in sugars (carbohydrates) and contains cellulose, lignin, and hemicellulose (fibres), all of which contribute to boosting the nutritional profile of food products.

One of the key advantages of olive stone powder is its versatility in formulation. It seamlessly integrates with grains, vegetables, and other conventional additives, allowing for easy incorporation into various recipes. This versatility empowers foodstuff manufacturers to create delicious and nutritious formulations that cater to the evolving preferences of consumers seeking healthier options. Furthermore, when finely micronized, our natural powders, including olive stone powder, serve as effective texturizers. They provide a desirable texture and consistency to a wide range of solid, viscous, and semi-liquid foods, enhancing the overall eating experience.

In contrast to many conventional flours, fruit stone powders, including olive stone powder, are free of wheat protein, making them suitable as anti-allergic food and feed ingredients. This characteristic makes them an excellent choice for individuals with gluten intolerance or allergies. Moreover, fruit stone powders are fully plant-based, aligning with vegetarian and vegan dietary preferences, and enabling manufacturers to cater to these growing consumer segments.

Thanks to their relatively neutral taste, fruit stone powders can be seamlessly incorporated into various food products. They serve as valuable sources of easily digestible fibres and antioxidants, enhancing the nutritional profile of baked goods, meat preparations, and vegan meat alternatives. With the inclusion of fruit stone powders, foodstuff manufacturers can create products that not only provide health benefits but also deliver great taste and texture. is committed to providing high-quality, versatile, and plant-based ingredients that inspire innovation in the food industry. We are dedicated to supporting foodstuff manufacturers in meeting the evolving needs and preferences of consumers, while also prioritizing nutritional value, allergy considerations, and taste appeal.

Fruit stone powders are suitable as:

Sources of Easily Digestible Fibres and Antioxidants is a trusted natural food ingredients supplier. Our fine olive stone flours are valuable fibre additives for functional foods, similar to cellulose or wheat fibres. They can effectively reduce fat and sugar content while enhancing the nutritional properties of food products. Additionally, our olive stone flours are rich in antioxidants, specifically polyphenolic compounds, which offer numerous health benefits. These natural ingredients can be incorporated into solid foodstuffs such as bakery products, meat preparations, and vegan meat alternatives, providing both taste and health advantages.

Grain-Free Extenders and Adulterants for Spice Mixes

Solid condiments often rely on sugars, silica, or grain flour to impart mass, texture, or act as carriers. At, our mission is to offer food ingredient solutions that are optimised for enhanced nutritional and flavouring properties. As experienced food ingredient suppliers, we provide powdery extenders that not only enhance the rheology of pepper and spice blends but also enable the creation of innovative aromatic ingredients. Trust to improve the quality and versatility of your solid condiments.

Natural Thickening Agent and Texturizer's olive stone flour is a vegan and plant-based thickening agent that excels in enhancing the texture of various food applications, including baking and cooking. Its remarkable thickening properties, combined with a neutral taste and light color, make it suitable for a wide range of recipes. As a dedicated food powder supplier, is committed to delivering versatile and high-quality ingredients to elevate your culinary creations.

Smoking Chips for Food Flavouring

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important for manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers in the food industry to use natural, sustainable food and feed ingredients for flavouring purposes. has developed a new product line of aromatic chips for smoking and flavouring, all made from renewable sources without any synthetic additives.

Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements

Apart from being functional fillers in capsules or pills, certain fruit stones contain substances that are proven APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), sometimes also referred to as natural actives.

Olive stones, argan shells, apricot kernels and avocado stones are proven active substances due to their high content of bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties. These include polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenolic (bio-phenols) as well as vitamins and amino acids/plant-based proteins.

Antioxidants protect the cells of the human and animal body by preventing the production of free radicals. This translates into anti-ageing effects besides the following benefits:

  • Boosting cardiovascular health
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Enhancement of vision and cognitive health
  • Prevention of arthritis
  • Reinforcement of the immune system
  • Reduction of infections, inflammation, and boost of overall vitality

Benefits for your application:

  • Availability: most of our ingredients are available throughout the year - both in bulk quantities as well as small volumes
  • Regulatory situation: our powders are agricultural raw materials, not finished foodstuffs. Olive stone flour is registered and approved according to GMP+

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Food & Feed Ingredients

What are the common feed ingredients?

Common feed ingredients, such as grains (like corn, wheat, and barley), protein sources (such as soybean meal, fish meal, canola meal, and cottonseed meal), fats and oils, minerals, and additives, play a vital role in providing essential nutrients to animals in the food and feed industry. These ingredients are carefully selected to meet the specific nutritional requirements of different animal species. offers a range of natural food and feed ingredients, including unique offerings like olive stone powder. Our plant-based ingredients can be integrated into various products, such as food supplements, functional foods, capsules/tablets, and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. With its rich content of sugars, cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose, and antioxidants, olive stone powder serves as a valuable addition to formulations, enhancing nutritional properties and reducing fat and sugar content. Our fine olive stone flours are especially beneficial as insoluble fibres in functional foods.

What are the feed materials?

Feed materials refer to the various components used in animal feed formulations. These can include grains, oilseeds, protein meals, forages, and other ingredients that provide essential nutrients to animals.

What are the ingredients for feed formulation?

Ingredients used in feed formulation can vary depending on the target animal and their specific nutritional requirements. Common ingredients include cereals (grains), protein sources (meals or cakes), fats and oils, mineral supplements, vitamin supplements, and additives for enhancing palatability or promoting growth.

What is the main component in feed ingredients?

The main component in feed ingredients varies depending on the ingredient itself. Grains, such as corn or wheat, are rich in carbohydrates and serve as a significant energy source. Protein sources, like soybean meal or fishmeal, provide essential amino acids. Other ingredients, such as minerals and vitamins, contribute to overall nutrition and health.

What is the main ingredient in animal feed?

The main ingredient in animal feed can vary depending on the target animal and their dietary requirements. However, grains, such as corn or wheat, are commonly used as a primary source of energy in animal feed formulations. Protein sources, minerals, vitamins, and additives are also important components of animal feed.

Are your food and feed ingredients suitable for organic production?

Yes, as a leading nutrition ingredients supplier, our food and feed ingredients are suitable for organic production. We prioritize meeting the strict requirements and standards of organic certification to ensure that our ingredients are in line with organic production practices.

How can your ingredients be incorporated into food supplement formulations?

Our ingredients can be easily integrated into food supplement formulations. They can be added during the manufacturing process, mixed with other ingredients, or used as stand-alone components, depending on the specific formulation requirements.

Are your food and feed ingredients tested for quality and safety?

Yes, our food and feed ingredients undergo rigorous testing for quality and safety. We have established quality control measures and work with accredited laboratories to ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

Can your ingredients be used in specialty diets for animals with specific dietary needs or restrictions?

Yes, our ingredients can be used in specialty diets for animals with specific dietary needs or restrictions. We offer a diverse range of ingredients that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different animal species and their specific health conditions.

Are your ingredients genetically modified (GMO) or sourced from genetically modified organisms?

Our ingredients are sourced from natural, non-GMO sources. We are committed to providing natural and sustainable ingredients that meet the demands of our customers and align with their preferences for non-GMO products.

Can you provide customized formulations or blends of ingredients based on specific customer requirements?

Yes, we offer the flexibility to provide customized formulations or blends of ingredients based on specific customer requirements. We understand that each customer may have unique needs, and we strive to meet those requirements through tailored solutions.

Are your food and feed ingredients allergen-free, particularly in relation to common allergens like gluten or dairy?

Yes, many of our food and feed ingredients are allergen-free. For specific allergen-related inquiries, such as gluten or dairy, we provide detailed allergen information for each ingredient, enabling our customers to make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Do you have any certifications or accreditations for the quality and safety of your ingredients?

At, we prioritize quality and safety. As one of the leading food and feed bioingredient companies, we hold certifications and accreditations that demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional ingredients. Our products are registered and approved according to stringent quality management systems, such as GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice). You can trust us to provide ingredients of the highest standards, meeting the strict requirements of food and feed industry regulations.

If you have something else in mind, we can help you select the natural ingredients that integrate best with your formulation.

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