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Grain-Free Extenders and Adulterants for Spice Mixes is your specialized partner for innovative specialty flours that live up to today’s dietary trends: our product program focuses on grain-, gluten-, GMO-free ingredients as alternatives to any conventional grain flour products.

Especially the health food industry requires alternatives to wheat flour and wheat derivatives as base ingredients for processed food items. Also, spices and spice mixes that are blended in factories often contain adulterants, conventionally made of wheat or silica.
At, we cater to the changing needs of conscious consumers who seek a maximum of biological and allergen-free ingredients.

Fine Olive Stone Flours as Natural Pepper Additives

Industrially milled pepper and pepper blends generally contain adulterants. As black pepper is one of the most sought-after spices in the world, it is often mixed with powdery additives as bulking agents and/or extenders. While millet or buckwheat flour have been traditionally used for this purpose, there has been a growing concern due to grain intolerances among consumers. Also, corn starch or rice flour are commonly used spice adulterants permitted under EU and U.S. food legislation.

We have developed specialty flours made from pure, top grade olive stones. These fine powders are characterized by the absence of any grain-related allergens, such as wheat proteins. Besides, they are fully GMO-free as olives of EU origin are not subject to genetic modification.

Fine olive stone flour is a smooth, odourless and light beige ingredient with a creamy or powdery consistency. We provide pepper adulterant solutions in any micron ranges with the standard ranges being 0-50 and 0-100 μm.

Fruit Stone Powders for Innovative Spice Blends

Spices nowadays are often sophisticated blends to add flavour to a variety of culinary treats such as meat, fish, vegetarian dishes and desserts. The trend in this context clearly goes from artificial aromas and sugars towards plant-based, natural ingredients.

Many spices have a very strong natural aroma, so manufacturers use extenders or fillers to soften the effect. provides a wide range of fine powdery extenders made from the ligneous parts of fruits: almond shells, pistachio shells, peach stones, apricot stones, argan shells and many more.

We provide powder with low and high oil contents for diverse rheological effects and varying solubility. Other functionalities include carrying, i.e. to ease integration of aromatic substances into a seasoning formula, and flavouring thanks to the natural flavour of ground apricot stones or peach stones.
All our bio-based powders have excellent binding properties: they help attenuate the effect of undesired odours/scents and act as viscosity modifiers in powdery or semi-solid condiments.

We supply to manufacturers of seasoning mixes, spice mills and specialized distributors of food ingredients.

Unique Advantages of Fruit Stone Extenders

  • Consisting of easily digestible fibre (lignin and cellulose)
  • Vegan, grain-free, GMO-free, qualify for Halal and Kosher certifications
  • Large natural color portfolio
  • High particle stability of the powders: different texture (mouthfeel) effects are possible
  • EU origin and constant availability

All our natural extenders, adulterants and carriers can be delivered in a variety of lot sizes: from individual bags (5-25kg) up to bulk containers. Besides, we can offer blends of different fruit stone flours / olive stone bases and micron size ranges.

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