To process our pistachio shell powder, the raw material, the pistachio shell, is ground and sieved either into fine powders or coarser granules. It comes from local sources within a maximum of 400kg and is diligently screened to comply with the highest quality standards. Availability is very good because pistachio cultivation in Spain has become increasingly interesting in the last few years. According to official sources, 25,000 acres of land are occupied with pistachio trees. Most pistachios are grown in the regions of Castilla-La Mancha, Andalucia and Aragón.

Benefits of Pistachio and its Components

There has been an ever growing demand for pistachios on the local and international market. Pistachios (i.e. the soft nut inside the shell) are rich in proteins and fibres, B vitamins as well as thiamin, manganese, magnesium and iron. They are considered a "superfood" and have found their way into nutritious health foods, vegan/vegetarian dishes, sweets and cereal mixes.

Pistachio Shell Granules in Personal Care

Pistachio shells have a characteristic beige to white color. Therefore, the powder is very light, in some instances even similar to natural marble granules. This unique hue makes pistachio shell granules a versatile bio-based ingredient. In small micron ranges (0-300μm) ithas a high opacity combined with good dispersion behavior and a soft texture. As a sought after natural ingredient, pistachio shell granules is mainly used by cosmetic formulators as a

  • skin abrasive or exfoliator in body, face, hand, foot, lip and scalp scrubs
  • dental abrasive to enhance the mechanical cleaning effect of toothpastes
  • whitening agent, i.e. for vegan and all-natural face powders and makeup foundations
  • rheology modifier in solid and semi-liquid formulae (e.g. creams, balms, decorative cosmetics)
  • carrier for pigments, aromas and perfumes
  • substrate for biodegradable glitter
  • soap texturizer or as peeling grains in soap making

Mechanical Properties and Material Science Applications of Pistachio Shell Powder

Due to the hardness of the pistachio shell (approx. 3.5 according to Mohs), a variety of micron ranges are possible. Similar to walnut shell granules and olive stone powder, we make bespoke powder grades of pistachio shells to optimize the result in material science. More and more manufacturers of conventional plastics and wood-based materials seek a top-quality, bio-based ingredient as a replacement for synthetic micro particles to create innovative materials. This includes

  • composites (e.g. wood-plastic composites): in many instances, our bio-powders are powerful substitutes for polyethylene or polyurethane fillers. Besides, lightweight applications benefit from the relatively low density of pistachio shell powder. In contrast to heavy calcium carbonate or other mineral powders, fruit stone powders have a density far below 1t per cubic meter
  • MDF panels (medium-density fibreboards): especially for surface claddings, furniture, artworks and decorative finishes. Pistachio shell powder is a sustainable alternative to wood and adds a new look to engineered objects
  • paints, resins, glues and inks, also for nature-inspired 3D printing of biomaterials, medical parts such as implants, auto parts, shipbuilding and aviation components, stationary and ceramic objects

As a reliable manufacturer and supplier BioPowder offers high grade fruit stone powders and bio-based abrasives without any chemical substances. Sustainability is our core value and we are proud to maintain our excellent product quality and services.
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