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Hydrophobic Paint Texture Additive paint additives for texture are excellent solutions to enhance the texture of numerous paint and coating formulations. We have developed a new line of natural and hydrophobic micro-powders to facilitate the development  of bio-based paints. Our paint texture additive solutions guarantee sustainability and high performance of your finished products and make you stand out as a “green” innovator.

We have launched Olea FP (Functional Powders), a line of texture paint additives that is made entirely of agricultural by-products. Our strategy is centered around circular processes, i.e. the transformation of our input raw materials reduces waste and allows for a conscious use of resources. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the result is a paint additive for texture with a negative carbon footprint and excellent performance parameters.

Our line of texture additives for paint includes both natural and hydrophobic powder grades. Whereas the former is made of 100% natural material, the hydrophobic paint texture additive consists of particles with a coated surface. Similar to conventional paint texture additives, we can treat our bio-based paint additive solutions with different ultra hydrophobic materials to ensure compatibility with hydrophobic paint formulations. 

Advantages of our Biodegradable Paint Additive for Texture

Both the natural and the ultra hydrophobic material can be an ideal renewable ingredient for paints. The low density of 0.5-0.6g/l and the plant-based nature of Olea Functional Powders distinguishes them from conventional mineral powders. Especially as replacements of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), products are effective as

  • Sand texture paint additive
  • Hydrophobic sealant paint texture additive
  • Cold weather paint texture additive
  • Thermal paint texture additive 

Advantages of the paint additive for texture include:

  • Suitability for lightweight paints and coatings: every gram matters in certain fields of the automotive, aviation, nautical, medical, construction and other industries. Light components are associated with energy efficiency and a low environmental footprint. Also, mobility and easy handling of play a significant role and are prioritized by the creators of new materials. Paints and coatings generally cover large surfaces and therefore impact the weight of the underlying object. When used in replacement of heavy mineral texture additives for paint, Olea FP paint texture additive solutions can also enable significant material savings. 
  • Reactivity: Olea FP texture paint additives have reactive OH-groups, which translates into antioxidant properties. In contrast to mineral paint additive for texture, Olea FP are not inert and can bind free radicals. This effect prevents paints and coatings from degradation and enhances their lifespan and durability. 
  • Enhanced machining and grinding: the unique properties of Olea FP texture paint additives facilitate post-application treatment of paints and coatings. 
  • Strong abrasion resistance: Olea FP paint additives for texture are extremely hard and compact particle solutions. This makes them a number one choice for the creation of textured surfaces such as anti-slip coatings. As we offer our paint additive for texture in a wide range of micron sizes, this effect can be tailored to meet the requirements of different surface finishes.
  • Suitable for interior use: Olea FP paint additives for texture are fully natural, odourless powders that are best used in bio-paints with zero risk. They are absolutely safe, which makes them a sought-after ingredient for paints used in homes and coatings with frequent human contact.

Application of our Texture Paint Additives as Bio-Based Matting Agents

Olea FP H50 and H100 are also proven matting powders. Our research has demonstrated high efficiency, especially in relation to conventional matting powders made from plastics or silica.
Substituting PU or PP powders with bio-based natural additives offers benefits such as

  • environmental sustainability: no microplastic use
  • bio-based innovation, fully “green” paints are possible
  • enhanced cost effectiveness

All our powders are very easy to integrate in paint and coating formulation: they can simply be stirred into the liquid mix and applied with standard equipment. Olea FP texture paint additives are also available in larger grain sizes such as 300-600 or 600-800 microns. These coarse granules are recommended as anti slip paint additives.

Natural Color Particles: Our Texture Paint Additives for Decorative Coatings

Especially in surface finishes, a paint additive for texture has to fulfil certain aesthetic requirements. For this reason, our product range includes colored particles in standard and bespoke shades. Please refer to our dedicated product page on Bio-Based Color Flakes for more information.  

If you are a formulator of paints and coatings, we invite you to get in touch. We would be delighted to support you in finding the ideal paint additive for texture to suit your particular application.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Paint Additive for Texture

1. What is textured paint?

Textured paint is a coating which is slightly thicker than conventional paint. It distinguishes itself by a somewhat rough and gritty haptics caused by solid texture particles. It is most suitable to create special decorative effects and a three-dimensional impression.

2. What can you add to paint to make it textured?

Traditionally, manufacturers have added synthetic paint texture additives made from polymers or sand. In recent times, these solid grits have been increasingly replaced by environmentally friendly options. Very often, these types of paint additive for texture offers enhanced performance parameters such as durability and abrasion resistance.

3. Which minimum quantities of texture additive for paint do you supply?

We sell exclusively to business customers. Hence, our texture additives for paint are available as palleted batches with standard packaging units of 25kg bags. Although we can supply individual 25kg bags, you will obtain a much better value-for-money when purchasing larger volumes. 

4. Are texture paint additives governed by any regulatory framework?

Our assortment is made entirely of safe, biological by-products from the olive and fruit processing industry. Hence, the whole paint additive for texture line is exempt from regulatory frameworks for chemicals such as Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).

5. To which destinations can you ship your paint additive for texture?

Thanks to our global logistics network, we deliver our texture additives for paint worldwide and to your doorstep. In some instances, we sell through distributors specialized in texture additives for paint. Please ask us for guidance.

6. Are you manufacturing bespoke grades of your paint additive for texture?

Yes. Apart from standardized ranges, we offer tailored texture additives for paint. We are open to manufacturing any possible size ranges and colors. 

7. How do you make a texture in paint?

Generally by adding solids with a granular texture. We recommend to try biodegradable paint additives for texture, in particular olive stone powders in a variety of micron ranges. 

8. What can I add to paint to give it a texture?

There are different types of paint texture additives available on the market. The materials they are made of are quite diverse and include sand (silica), glass, plastic and cellulose. At, we provide upgraded solutions made entirely from plant-based recycled raw materials. 

9. Where do you source your raw materials?

All our natural raw material providers are located in close proximity to our production facility in Southern Spain. Hence, our paint texture additive range is made from local by-products by local people. 

10. What is the carbon footprint of your paint additives for texture?

Numerous criteria have been considered throughout our procurement, production and logistics processes of our texture additives for paint. Resource use is kept down to a minimum and power is the main utility consumed in our factory. Due to local sourcing (point 5), we have minimized internal logistics, and we generally use the carbon-friendly seafreight option when exporting our texture paint additive overseas. 

11. What is the availability of your texture additives for paint?

As a leading specialist for natural paint additives for texture, we strive to fulfill our orders in a timely and 100% reliable manner. Our long-standing market experience and stable procurement conditions allow us to produce large volumes on a continuous basis. Therefore, we can fulfill long-term supply contracts and are pleased to receive recurring orders.

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