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Epoxy Fillers

We provide a wide array of bio-based fillers for epoxy resins and other thermosetting materials. Epoxies have strong adhesive properties and can be used in virtually any material such as glues, paints, coatings, varnishes and composites. 

First and foremost, we offer a bio-based and sustainable option for companies seeking to replace metal and mineral powders. Secondly, we offer a new generation of functional performance powders that can enhance material properties in a variety of ways. are fine powders made exclusively from renewable sources. We only transform side-stream raw materials, above all top-grade olive stones, into additives of any micron size range. 

Our hydrophobic options Olea FP H50 and H100 are lightweight functional epoxy fillers that integrate well with conventional and bio-resins. While rendering any resinous product more environmentally friendly, they add a variety of functional benefits and can offer significant material cost savings thanks to their low density. At, we work with different hydrophobicity treatments to make sure our epoxy fillers are compatible with a variety of chemistries. 

Epoxy Fillers/Filler Resin for Industrial Coatings

Epoxy resin formulations come in different textures and viscosity levels. They are mostly developed for applications in the construction industry, especially in form of coatings for surfaces such as concrete, plastics, metal, wood and carbon fibre - often with the aim of protecting the underlying material. Epoxy paints are colored resin formulations found in many household appliances, vehicles and electrical installations. 

In construction chemistries, epoxy coatings are often applied in conjunction with polyurethane (PU) systems. This is due to their complementary functionalities: epoxy, being less resistant to UV radiation (sunlight) and presenting a relatively low abrasion resistance, is often applied to a surface as a foundation layer. A PU coating is then applied on top as a finish layer. The mechanical properties of polyurethane coatings generally ensure a longer lifespan and better protective performance. epoxy resin fillers can be the ideal additive for both epoxy and PU coatings. Our line of functional powders, marketed under the brand Olea FP, were developed to add the following benefits: 

  • Strength and stability: thanks to excellent particle hardness and high fiber content
  • Light weight: resin fillers only have a fraction of the density of conventional (mineral) fillers
  • Bonding capacity and durability: for enhanced adhesion on concrete and other materials
  • Possible acceleration of curing and hardening times
  • Viscosity control: varying doses of Olea FP resin fillers can lead to increased or reduced viscosity and flowing behaviour of different coating formulations
  • Unique texture effects: coarser grades of our epoxy fillers, i.e particles with a larger diameter, make it easy to create granular surface textures, anti-slip coatings and a myriad of decorative possibilities
  • Ecological footprint: all our resin fillers are made from upycyled circular raw materials. Manufacturing is resource-saving and waste-reducing, which makes Olea FP an excellent choice for carbon-negative coating formulations

Nowadays, new standards also apply for functional and decorative floorings, for example in industrial plants, healthcare centers and retail outlets: they need to be free of potentially harmful substances (e.g. isocyanates, BPA) but still have a high abrasion resistance and stability. Biodegradable epoxy resin fillers with a high hardness such as Olea FP support your developments in that direction!

To reduce your testing effort, we have created our own flooring line: naturazzO Resilient Floors are a unique resin mix with Olea FP as fillers. The formula can be customized with different natural colorants and olive stone granules as texturizers and anti-slip additives.

Epoxy Fillers for Wood Repair and Putty Products

Epoxy resins are widely used to restore and repair wooden floors and furniture: cracks are filled with a resin that matches the colour of the object. Achieving such color control has long been a challenge for formulators of bio-based epoxies. Our Olea FP epoxy filler was designed for use in epoxy-based putties and pastes. As in coatings, our natural particles can act as reinforcing fibres besides adding texture, abrasion resistence and durability.  

Moreover, Olea FP can prevent color modification in liquid and semi-solid formulations. The light beige powder additive remains stable, which facilitates blending with pigments and other (natural) agents.

Epoxy Fillers for Epoxy-Based Composites

Epoxies are popular components of bio-based composites, and so are biodegradable epoxy resin fillers. In epoxy composites, the resin is essentially a binder that holds together reinforcing fibres of different types. resin powders can offer a double advantage in this context: 

  1. Our epoxy fillers can boost the renewable content, enhance mechanical properties and reduce costs of the resin, similar to the ways explained in the above section on coatings. 
  2. Natural epoxy fillers can be the reinforcing fibres: our diverse range of epoxy fillers includes both fine powders and larger, granular particles. This translates into countless texturing possibilities, if desired with a nature-inspired touch.  

Excellent results can be achieved by using Olea FP as hydrophobic epoxy fillers for epoxy resin blends with rubber. Especially in high-load applications, those composites are a number one choice thanks to their adhesive properties.

Epoxy composites are used in a wide number of industrial products such as 

  • sealants and adhesives
  • highly resistant engineering structures
  • laminates
  • carbon-epoxy composites  

When looking at specific material applications, epoxy fillers are mainly used in the following industries:

  1. Shipbuilding: to protect the underlying material, the market has seen innovative yachtcare epoxy fiber filler solutions. To cater to this demand for high-tech epoxy fillers, we offer fully natural yachtcare high build epoxy filler systems as well as yachtcare epoxy additives with excellent resistance parameters. Our epoxy filler for boats is easy to apply and well suited for a variety of protective coatings. 
  2. Construction: our epoxy fillers in powder and granular form are suitable for the use in construction materials with exposure to the elements. The most common applications include: epoxy filler for tiles, epoxy filler for metal, epoxy filler for plastic, epoxy filler for concrete, epoxy resin filler for wood, epoxy fiber filler, epoxy thickener, epoxy filler for wood, f18 epoxy filler, etc.
  3. Fiber technology: especially in solutions where conventional epoxy fillers (e.g. epoxy filler fiberglass) have been used, our innovative functional fillers can add unique reinforcing and texture properties. In certain composite applications, epoxy fillers are recommended in combination or as an alternative to carbon fiber-based solutions. The wide range of our epoxy filler material options will can also facilitate the creation of systems where bio-based epoxy fillers are to be paired with synthetic ones.

The epoxy resin filler solution is completely safe and therefore highly suitable for composites used in interiors. They facilitate formulation of materials to be used for frequent human contact such as automotive parts, biopolymers for medical parts and indoor coatings. Our epoxy fillers are extremely versatile and open new possibilities for the creation of textured surfaces. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Epoxy Fillers / Filler Resin

1. Are there any minimum order quantities for your resin fillers / filler resin?

We supply exclusively to business customers, i.e. industrial manufacturers and specialized laboratories. Hence, our resin fillers are available as palleted batches with standard packaging units of 25kg bags. Although we are willing to supply individual 25kg bags, you will obtain a much better value-for-money when purchasing larger volumes.

2. Which regulatory framework applies to natural resin fillers / filler resin?

Our assortment is made entirely of safe, biological by-products from the olive and fruit processing industry. Hence, epoxy powders are exempt from regulatory frameworks for chemicals such as Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).

3. To which destinations can you ship your epoxy resin filler products?

Thanks to our global logistics network, we can ship all our epoxy resin fillers to your doorstep - both in Europe and worldwide. In some instances, we sell through specialized resellers and partner companies. Please ask us for guidance.

4. Are you manufacturing bespoke resin fillers?

Yes, besides certain standardised resin powder grades, we offer tailored additive solutions. We are open to processing our natural raw materials into any possible particle size ranges. Our expertise allows us to create resin fillers for a variety of requirements and texture effects. Please contact us for further information.

5. Where do your raw materials come from?

All our natural raw material providers are located in close proximity to our production facility in Southern Spain. Hence, our epoxy filler range is made from local by-products by local people.

6. What is the carbon footprint of your epoxy fillers?

Numerous criteria have been considered throughout our procurement, production and logistics processes of our epoxy fillers. Resource use is kept down to a minimum and power is the main utility consumed in our factory. Due to local sourcing (point 5), we have minimized internal logistics, and we generally opt for the carbon-friendly sea freight option when exporting our resin fillers overseas.

7. What is the availability of your natural resin fillers?

As a leading specialist for natural powder additives, we strive to fulfill our orders in a timely and 100% reliable manner. Our long-standing market experience and stable procurement conditions allow us to produce large volumes on a continuous basis. Therefore, we can fulfill long-term supply contracts and are pleased to receive recurring orders.

Whatever your epoxy fillers / filler resin application might be, please contact us to discuss your project. We are pleased to help you find the optimal epoxy resin filler.

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