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Natural Abrasive Grits as Innovative Blasting Media

Surface technology today often requires sophisticated abrasion methods to maintain texture and cleanliness of the surface material.

Different finishing processes, e.g. shot blasting, de-flashing or smoothing, require abrasive media in different grain sizes and shapes. Also, hardness and stability play essential roles when choosing the most effective material.

At, we provide innovative and fully natural blasting grit solutions for all those wishing to enhance their abrasive processes while reducing their ecological footprint.

Olive Stone Grits – Plant-Based Performance Abrasives

Our mission consists in helping companies replace conventional blasting media such as plastic, garnet, silica/sand, glass with biodegradable options. Most industrial abrasion specialists have tried a number of grits and seek to optimize process technology and value-for-money.

Specialized finishing machines often require tailored grit solutions so as to ensure optimal workflows and to prevent blockage and damage. Moreover, no harmful residues and dust formation must occur to guarantee workplace safety and cleanliness at all times.

To cater to those needs, we have developed a new line of natural high-performance grits made from refined olive stones. These consumables are made entirely from by-products of the olive oil production. They are a product of the circular economy, fulfilling our zero-waste policy besides highest environmental standards. olive stone grits have a hardness in the range of +/- 3.5 (Mohs scale) and can be customized to any particle size range. Based on proven applications, our product line includes the following

recommended micron ranges:


Unique Benefits of Natural Olive Stone Media has committed to highest quality standards, which means that our grit solutions are odourless, light in color and dust-free. Our micronization technology allows for very low tolerances on the upper and lower edge of each micron range – for maximum reliability. Compared to other plant-derived grits (e.g. walnut shell or corn cob abrasives), olive pit media offer the following benefits:

  • High resistance: thanks to very low moisture absorption capacities, our grits remain stable in humid environments. They are consequently suitable for (high-pressure) water jet applications.
  • Anti-allergic properties: abrasion processes always produce a certain degree of ambient dust. In contrast to grits made from walnut shells, our olive pit raw material does not contain any known allergens, which makes it a top choice for safe work environments.
  • Particle shape: our production machinery helps prevent sharp edges that might cause damage to certain materials. olive stone abrasive consequently have a smooth shape in homogeneous ranges.
  • Recyclability: our grits are 100% biodegradable and compostable and therefore easy to dispose of. In addition, their stability makes them reusable in certain systems. This translates into significant cost savings.
  • Continuous supply – all year round: thanks to 100% EU origin, olive stone grits can be shipped fast and flexibly to any destination. Production is not seasonal and practically any quantity can be supplied upon request.

If you are specialized in abrasion technology and wish to offer/use new consumables, we would like to hear from you.
We will support your industrial trials with small quantities and offer competitive packages for distribution.
Please feel free to contact us with your project inquiry.

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