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Olea Fill as a Pet Turf Infill

In pet turf, infill granules are mainly used to create a resistant surface while maintaining a high level of hygiene. A grass landscape for pets should absorb urine and neutralize odors, and create an enjoyable space for pets and their owners. In reaction to the growing demand for natural alternatives to synthetic infills, we created Olea Fill – a biodegradable, easy-to-recycle turf infill for pets.

Olea Fill is totally safe: in contrast to rubber turf infill for pets, there is no risk in case of ingestion. Besides, the heat-treated olive stone granules are not susceptible to microbial contamination. Our product consists of 100% upcycled olive stones, i.e. the core of the edible olive. They are absolutely innocuous and suitable for use in antiallergic fake grass for pets.

Advantages Of Our Natural Artificial Turf Infill For Pets

Olea Fill pet turf infill creates a pleasant and cosy environment: our pet turf infill particles combine unique features that make them a number one choice for happy and healthy pets:

  • Smooth, rounded particles without sharp edges to prevent any risk of scratch injuries.
  • Shock absorbing capabilities: pets love to run around and roll on the floor. With Olea Fill turf infill for pets, any artificial grass becomes a resilient yet sturdy surface, which is easy on pets’ joints.
  • Moisture absorbent: moderate amounts of pet urine are absorbed while the infill stays in place without expanding or floating.
  • Thermal storage / insulating properties: for a pleasant, moderate temperature – all year round.
  • Carrier effects for aromas: our olive stone pet turf infill can be imbued with fragrances that attract or repel pets/animals (for example catnip, pepper, vinegar).
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry: our turf infill for pets maintains its color and shape when the grass is cleaned with water.
  • Biodegradable yet lasting material: the lifespan of Olea Fill infill for pet turf is 2-3 times higher than for wood chips, cork or other soft organic matter.
  • Zero waste: our artificial turf infill for pets is compostable, i.e. biodegrades naturally. It will therefore not require complex or costly recycling processes. 

Hydrophobic Pet Turf Infill Solutions

If you seek to further increase the lifespan of your artificial turf infill for pets, we offer surface-treated product grades. This will boost the hydrophobicity of the pet turf infill particles, which prevents detrimental effects when in contact with water, for example due to rain. Our product range includes hydrophobicity treatments with agents that are non-toxic, bio-based and hence safe to use as turf infill for pets. 

Functionalization can be applied to pet turf infill of virtually any grain size ranges. Depending on the turf type, we can provide particle size ranges from less than 1 mm up to 4–5 mm. Customizable ranges are also possible to make sure the artificial turf infill for pets matches your chosen grass system. 

At, our mission is to help manufacturers of pet turf enhance their pet turf infill solutions. With our olive stone powder infill for pet turf, we contribute to the well-being of pets and their owners. Suppliers and designers of artificial grass for pets can count on our long-standing experience and sustainable options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Turf Infill for Pets

1. How can I make my artificial grass pet-friendly?

First and foremost, by using pet-friendly materials. In other words, safe, non-toxic and environmentally responsible turf infill granules. When using artificial turf, a good choice can be bio-based fibres to replace any potentially hazardous chemicals. Also, you can opt for fully natural, biodegradable and compostable turf infill to make the turf robust and to keep the grass blades in shape. We constantly strive to provide better infill solutions to replace any synthetics such as shredded rubber.

2. What is infill for pet turf?

Any solid granules that are filled between the grass blades in order to keep them upright and stabilized. This makes the turf more resistant, especially when exposed to intense utilization. In principle, pet turf can be any artificial or natural turf that is designed for the contact with animals. In most instances, it is similar to sports or leisure turf systems. 

3. Do you use infill for pet turf?

The infill is generally chosen by the designers of the turf systems. Depending on the type of artificial grass and the underlying mat system, an infill is used to stabilization purposes. Any artificial turf infill for pets should be safe and preferably bio-based.

4. Is artificial turf safe for pets?

Generally yes, if safe components are used as explained in point. We recommend you to use materials that do not have any harmful effect on pets, especially when they are ingested. Biodegradable and/or plant-based materials should play an essential role and replace petroleum based materials such as plastic or synthetic rubber.

5. Is turf infill bad for dogs?

No, if certain requirements are met. One of them is safety of the materials. Anything plant-based and compostable such as Olea Fill is absolutely safe for dogs. The infill should have a size that is not prone to dusting, i.e. particles that are sufficiently large to stay in place. The particle size should also be chosen in a way as to be non harmful incase of inhaling or ingestion.

6. Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

We always recommend to build a pet turf system that can be easily cleaned and renewed. When it comes to the infill, we recommend to use water-repellent solutions such as our hydrophobic Olea Fill. This ways, urine will not be absorbed and the infill will remain intact after cleaning with water. 

7. Is artificial turf good for pets?

As explained in the previous questions, good - and environmentally friendly - materials make a good turf. Apart from that, pet areas should have a certain degree of elasticity that are not too hard on the joints. They should be pleasant to sit/lie upon and have certain anti-slip properties. In short, artificial turf generally is a good choice as long as there are no hazards for animals' health and safety.

8. Can you make bespoke pet turf infill granules?

Yes, besides certain standardized grades, we offer tailored solutions - both in terms of grain size and particle treatment/hydrophobicity coating. To make sure that every customer receives the best infill for artificial grass, we are open to processing our natural raw materials into any possible particle size ranges. Depending on the climatic conditions in which the artificial turf infill is to be used, we can apply different surface treatments in order to improve the lifespan of our infill for pet turf. 

9. Is your turf infill for pets always biodegradable?

Yes. It is made exclusively from food-grade raw materials (olive stones) and compostable. The only exception are treated infill granules where a low degree of chemicals is applied for hydrophobicity purposes. We gladly advise you on the most suitable solution.

10. What is pet infill for turf?

Practically any pet-friendly artificial grass infill. We recommend to try natural, biodegradable and yet long-lasting turf infill for pets made from recycled olive stones.

11. Where do you ship your pet turf infill to?

Thanks to our global logistics network and our flexibility, we can deliver our infill for pet turf to any destination worldwide. Due to the relatively large volumes, we export by the metric ton and therefore recommend ocean freight as the preferred shipping option.  

12. What is the availability of your artificial turf infill for pets?

As a leading specialist for natural infill granules, we strive to fulfil our orders in a timely and 100% reliable manner. Our long-standing market experience and stable procurement conditions allow us to produce and store large volumes. Especially due to regular refill requirements, we make sure that you receive our turf infill for pets on a continuous basis. 


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