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Natural Sport Turf Infill

At we have developed sustainable solutions to optimize technical and environmental performance of state-of-the art sports turf. Most sporting surfaces built with artificial grass require efficient infill solutions to enhance resistance and lifespan. More specifically, granular matter is filled between the grass blades to keep them upright and to stabilize the turf.

Granular rubber, often made from shredded tyres, has been used for this purpose. In view of the problematic impact of microplastic on the environment, turf designers have increasingly sought natural alternatives. To cater to this demand, we have designed fully biodegradable sport turf infill solutions exclusively from side-stream resources.

Olea Fill – Olive Stone Sport Turf Infill for Artificial Grass Pitches

The largest sporting turf surfaces created with artificial grass are generally football/soccer pitches. These areas have to live up to the highest quality standards and ensure an optimal sporting experience. To substitute the conventional rubber infill, offers Olea Fill – tailored natural sport turf infill grains with optimal performance criteria. Designed to be filled upon a base layer of sand, our infill is available in the two standard grain sizes 0.6-2.0mm and 1.3-3.0mm.

Olea Fill sporting turf infill is made from refined crushed olive stones, a by-product of the olive oil production. This raw material combines excellent particle stability, hardness, moisture resistance and thermal resistance. It has frequently been used in FIFA-approved sport turf systems on soccer pitches around the world.

Olea Fill is available in two variants: natural and hydrophobic / water-repellent. Our hydrophobic solutions are still biological and offer distinct advantages such as

  • Reduced dusting: even after intense utilization, the infill does not decay and remains stably in place
  • Outstanding moisture resistance, i.e. no flooding or expanding
  • Enhanced surface stability and abrasion resistance
  • Zero water absorption
  • Resistance against microbial contamination and decomposition

These advantages translate into a lifespan 2-3 as high as for the natural sport turf infill granules. The refilling cost can be significantly reduced and efficiency levels can be kept constant, even in areas of harsh weather conditions.

Bio-Based Infill Granules for Hard Sporting Surfaces

Olea Fill offers a vast range of possibilities to create innovative turf-free sports facilities such as tennis courts, racing tracks, gymnasias, horse riding rounds and swimming pool facilities. Most sporting surfaces require robust, slip resistant coatings with varying degrees of elasticity.

At we create granular additives for different surface coatings. All our granules are fully plant-based and primarily intended to integrate with numerous polymer systems. Their function as fillers, reinforcing fibres and texturizers comes with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced impact strength: our sport turf infill solutions have a hardness of +/- 3.5 on a Mohs scale. Their high-resistance particles are powerful reinforcing agents.
  • Lighter weight: its reduced density makes Olea Fill an ideal choice for any lightweight coatings. It can replace or complement conventional fillers, e.g. quartz or silica, and significantly reduce the overall material weight.
  • Anti-slip properties: when integrated in coatings, granular infills create a textured surface with high abrasion resistance. Very often, this effect is crucial for athlete safety and performance.
  • Optimal carbon footprint: obtained from renewable resources, our sport turf infill solutions comply with the highest sustainability standards. They are produced in a resource-efficient, purely mechanical upcycling process of agricultural by-products. All raw-materials are sourced locally and no waste or emissions are created during manufacturing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Sport Turf Infill

1. Is your sport turf infill suitable for any fieldturf?

Practically yes. Whenever your intention is to use a natural alternative to synthetic infills, we probably have a suitable high-performance solutions. Our olive stone infill (Olea Fill) adapts perfectly to any turfgrass, be it for football field turf, baseball field turf, indoor turf or any other type of artificial sport turf.  

2. What are the minimum order quantities of your turf filler?

We supply exclusively to business customers, i.e. turf manufacturers or artificial sport turf designers. Hence, our sport turf infill granules are sold by the metric ton and packaged in big bags. We can supply individual 25kg bags for testing purposes but you will obtain a much better value-for-money when purchasing larger volumes.

3. Is there any regulatory framework for sport turf infill products?

Our assortment is made entirely of safe, biological by-products from the olive and fruit processing industry. Certain markets regulate artificial turf infill for sports turf - especially football field turf - in order to obtain approval from certifying bodies such as FIFA. Our sport turf infill solutions are compliant and can be tailored in different ways so as to meet the requirements of numerous national turfgrass norms.

4. In which countries/regions do you market your sport turf infill products?

Olea Fill artificial sports turf infill is available worldwide. Thanks to our global logistics network, we can ship all our sporting turf infills to your doorstep. Due to the relative large volumes, we recommend ocean freight as the most inexpensive shipping option for overseas deliveries. 

5. Can you make bespoke sport turf infill granules?

Yes, besides certain standardised turfgrass infills, we offer tailored solutions - both in terms of grain size and particle treatment / hydrophobicity coating. To make sure that every customer receives the best fieldturf infill,  we are open to processing our natural raw materials into any possible particle size ranges. Depending on the climatic conditions in which the sporting turf filler is to be used, we can apply different surface treatments in order to improve the lifespan of our products. 

6. How can I test your sport turf infill products?

We offer small / micro batches and/or individual pallets for field tests. If you plan to replace rubber infill or other synthetic solutions, our team supports you in choosing the best natural turfgrass infill. Small test batches give you the opportunity to actually try our solutions on football field turf and other synthetic sports turf surfaces without any major commitment. This will give you clarity of the best product grade and size of our sport turf infill. 

7. Is your sport turf infill suitable for both outdoor sports turf and indoor sports turf?

Yes, absolutely. While most artificial turf is laid outside, our biodegradable infill can safely be used indoors. It is totally free of harmful chemicals and there is no health and safety hazard. The superiour quality of Olea Fill also prevents dusting, which is advantageous for any indoor turfgrass applications.

8. What is the availability of your sport turf infill?

As a leading specialist for natural turf sports granules, we strive to fulfill our orders in a timely and 100% reliable manner. Our long-standing market experience and stable procurement conditions allow us to produce large volumes on a continuous basis. Therefore, we can engage in long-term supply contracts and are pleased to receive recurring orders.

We assist developers of sporting turf in finding the optimal infill. Please do not hesitate to contact us now with your inquiry!

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