Bio-Based Infill Materials

Olea Fill as a Pet Turf Infill

In pet turf, infill granules are mainly used to create a resistant surface while maintaining a high level of hygiene. A grass landscape for pets should absorb urine and neutralize odors, and create an enjoyable space for pets and their owners. In reaction to the growing demand for natural alternatives to synthetic infills, we created Olea Fill – a biodegradable, easy-to-recycle bio infill.

Olea Fill is totally safe: in contrast to rubber turf infill, there is no risk in case of ingestion. Besides, the heat-treated olive stone granules are not susceptible to microbial contamination. Our product consists of 100% olive stones, i.e. the core of the edible olive. They are absolutely innocuous and suitable for use in antiallergic fake grass for pets.

Olea Fill creates a pleasant and cosy environment: our artificial turf infill particles combine unique features that make them a number one choice for happy and healthy pets:

  • smooth, rounded particles without sharp edges to prevent any risk of scratch injuries
  • shock absorbing capabilities: pets love to run around and roll on the floor. With Olea Fill, any turf becomes a resilient yet sturdy surface, which is easy on pets’ joints
  • moisture absorbent: moderate amounts of pet urine are absorbed while the infill stays in place without expanding or floating
  • thermal storage properties: for a pleasant, moderate temperature – all year round
  • carrier effects for aromas: our olive stone infill can be imbued with fragrances that attract or repel pets/animals (for example catnip, pepper, vinegar)
  • easy to clean and quick to dry: the infill material maintains its color and shape when the grass is cleaned with water.
  • biodegradable yet lasting material: the lifespan of Olea Fill is 2-3 times higher than for wood chips, cork or other soft organic matter

At, our mission is to help manufacturers of pet turf enhance their infill solutions. With our olive stone powder infill, we contribute to the well-being of pets and their owners.Suppliers and designers of artificial grass for pets can count on our long-standing experience and sustainable options.

Please contact us with your turf project. We provide made-to-measure solutions and ship within Europe and worldwide.

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