Bio-Based Infill Materials

Bio-Fillers for Landscaping and Leisure Turf

Schools, nurseries, swimming pools and other recreational areas all depend on reliable artificial grass solutions that withstand the elements and offer a pleasant look and feel. To a similar extent as sports turfs, these spaces are exposed to high load, i.e. when used by many people. For this reason, state-of-the art artificial grass landscapes are designed to

  • be cost-efficient and robust
  • require minimum maintenance and/or replacement
  • repel soilings
  • ensure sufficient drainage for moisture such as rainwater

A good grass infill should be chosen according to these criteria. At, we have designed a high-performance alternative to rubber and sand – fully biodegradable and natural, with a positive environmental impact.

Our innovative artificial turf infill solution Olea Fill is made exclusively of recycled olive stones, a side-stream resource from the olive oil production. It is available both in standard grain sizes and tailor-made particle dimensions. Moreover, we provide colored infill granules in a wide range of colors. The nature of Olea Fill allows for effective dyeing with natural pigments – perfect for organic artificial grass.

Biodegradable Infill Granules for Landscape Design

Thanks to its unique technical and aesthetic characteristics, our versatile eco-infill is the ideal solution for designer grass in sophisticated landscaping projects. Olea Fill is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and requires only minimal care.

Although created for artificial grass, filler granules are equally suitable for real grass and gardening projects. They are popular deco-particles for flower beds, ponds and interior gardens, e.g. in fair booth design and similar applications.

Whether you are a landscape designer or artificial lawn manufacturer, we are here to support you in choosing the best infill. Please contact us with your ideas. We provide small and large volumes of turf infill granules and ship to any destination worldwide.

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