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Bio-Based Reinforcing Fillers for PVC Composites

At BioPowder.com, we have specialized in producing customized fibre and natural filler additives for PVC compounds. PVC and other soft synthetic polymers increasingly are looked at through the lens of environmental considerations. While PVC is not known as the most ecological solution for flooring systems, hoses, closures and countless other items of daily use, there are eco-friendly alternatives. Our mission is to support R&D professionals and manufacturers in creating effective, lasting, healthy and sustainable solutions.

Bio-based fibre and texturing solutions for PVC flooring systems and linoleum

We proud ourselves on supplying highly effective organic reinforcing fibres and texturing agents for a wide range of flooring systems. Any PVC-based formulation can be mixed with BioPowder.com granules and powders to achieve the following


  • Abrasion resistance: especially interesting for floorings that are created to bear high loads, i.e. for industrial premises, schools, sports facilities or outdoor areas
  • Significant bio-based percentage: to improve recyclability, safety and to minimize the overall carbon footprint of traditionally synthetic floorings
  • Reinforcing properties: PVC is a soft material whose strength and stability are greatly enhanced when mixed with our eco-friendly powder additives
  • Texturing options: our wide range of granular additives – reaching from fine powders up to coarse particles – facilitates the creation of any textured surface. Besides the aesthetical variety that can easily be achieved, our bio powders are excellent anti-slip particles to be integrated in PVC-based surface coatings.

BioPowder.com additives are made entirely from renewable side stream resources – especially upcycled olive pits. These lignocellulosic materials are equally suitable for bio-based linoleum floorings such as liquid linoleum. Such formulations are mostly-oil based and applied by pouring onto a hard surface. Recent trends include PVC- and VOC-free formulae with no formaldehydes, no plasticizers and no heavy metals. The BioPowder.com team supports such initiatives by providing solid, plant-based filler solutions that can help reduce the amount of required additives and accelerate curing.

Our team can support you during all phases of research and development up to product launch. Effective base formulations can be provided just as ready-made bio-linoleum solutions: our naturazzO Resilient Flooring system is free of PVC, VOC, BisPhenol A and isocyanates and can be made in a variety of colors and textures. It is a natural formulation with a unique combination of bio-fillers – olive stone functional powder and fine recycled marble. Please contact us for further guidance and product specifications.

Bio-fillers for molded PVC composites

Hoses, PVC rubber composites, tyre components…there is a wide range of objects made by molding PVC-based formulations. All of these can be made bio-based by adding a certain percentage of BioPowder.com natural performance additives.

Optimal dispersion and blending with PVC can be achieved when using a fine powder. Our product range Olea FP (Functional Powder) is made from natural olive stones and can be tailored to a variety of grain size ranges.

Traditionally, PVC composites were manufactured with mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate. Our powders were developed as sustainable alternatives that come with the following advantages:

  • Strength and stability: the high hardness and amorphous particle shape of BioPowder.com fillers make them excellent reinforcing fibres
  • Biodegradability: suitable for biodegradable applications such as packaging materials, films and foils; no premature degradation will occur when bonded firmly in a PVC compound
  • Light weight: BioPowder.com Olea FP only have a fraction of the density of mineral fillers. This makes them ideal alternatives for lightweight components designed for automotive, aviation, shipbuilding and other high-tech applications.

Treated variants of Olea FP for PVC compounds

Our powder and granular additives can be supplied in a natural form (i.e. 100% olive stone-based) or treated in the following ways:

  • Colored: for appealing color effects in surface coatings or design objects
  • Dehydrated: for easy extrusion or compounding without moisture exhaust
  • Hydrophobic: for versatile use in impermeable and/or water-repellent compounds

BioPowder.com powdery fillers can be custom-made in small and large batches. We ship worldwide and offer assistance throughout all phases of R&D.

Whatever your PVC or linoleum development might be, if you consider bio-based filler solutions, contact us now.

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