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Sustainable Abrasives for Hand Cleaners - Olive Stone Scrubs for Personal Care

At BioPowder.com, our goal is to provide an optimized solution for lasting success without microplastic. In close collaboration with leading market players, we have developed two micron ranges specifically as abrasives for hand cleaners. These tailored bio-beads are made from ground olive stones – a raw material with unique advantages.

As our exfoliators are made from circular economy raw materials, no waste is generated in the manufacturing process. Olive stone scrubs are fully plant-based but do not require any crops and the associated land and water resources.

What is more, our solution caters to manufacturers who have also opted against walnut shells and chosen a less allergenic alternative.

Features of Quality Olive Stone Exfoliator

As microplastic replacement progresses at a fast pace, different natural alternatives have recently become available on the market. What appears to be identical and comparable such as “olive stones”, can in reality come in a wide range of qualities. At BioPowder.com, we are committed to processing only a particular grade of raw materials: the so-called AA stones, i.e. olive pits without any remainders of shell, pulp or seed. Exfoliating grains made from this raw material have the following characteristics:

  • Neutral scent: our olive stone granules have a pleasant, clean fragrance that somehow reminds of freshly cut wood
  • Light beige colour: thanks to the absence of dust particles and fermented shell/pulp rests, our scrub granules are perfect for light formulations with a slight eco-inspired tone
  • Homogeneous particle shape and distribution: our manufacturing techniques ensure that the material will be free of sharp edges that could cause micro-lesions on the skin.

Benefits for Hand Cleaner Manufacturers

Using selected quality raw materials will definitely pay off. Formulators and producers of hand washing pastes are faced with a demanding audience of customers and end users: any variation in texture, smell and aesthetics is likely to generate complaints and discouragement.

Our mission at BioPowder.com is to help you create excellent products that make you stand out of the crowd: with our tailored olive stone grit, your hand cleaners will meet the highest technical standards and boost your image as a sustainability innovator.

Using our olive stone scrub will set you for success and reduce your workload because

  • We guarantee uniform quality so that no viscosity changes will occur in your hand cleaner formulation. Our scrub grains are free of fine dust, which translates into maximum scrub efficiency. In other words, you can work with reduced quantities and save on material costs.
  • You can maintain the usual (white/bright) look and feel of your hand washing pastes: end users can be reluctant to a darker product, even when it is labelled “eco-friendly” by their trusted supplier. If you need extra-bright granules, we can provide a whitened solution that still qualifies as natural and biodegradable.
  • Your hand cleaner formulation will require less preservatives without compromising on its shelf life and stability. Our clean bio-exfoliators have a minimal microbial load and allow for risk-free blending with other natural ingredients.

In addition to providing reliable high-performance scrubs, we support manufacturers and brand owners in any phase of their marketing strategy. The story behind olive stones as a circular economy resource is appealing to an environmentally conscious audience and can boost your success with new and existing customers.

We look forward to hearing about your hand cleaner project. Our scrubs can be shipped in small and large quantities to any country worldwide. Please contact us with your inquiry.

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