Natural Reinforcing Materials

Powders and granules from are excellent reinforcing fibres for a number of technical applications such as

Naturally Reinforced Composites

The main constituent, a thermoplastic or thermoset resin, is reinforced with a fibre. In recent years, carbon fibres or other synthetic fibers are increasingly substituted by more sustainable reinforcing materials. Motivated by environmental concerns and questions of recyclability, manufacturers strive to boost the portion of renewable components of composites. This is where products can help. Olive stone, almond shell and other granules are short fibres that can be customized in the micron range that integrates best with your specific material mix.

Specialty Plastics Sustainable Reinforcement

Similar to composite materials, polymers (thermoplasts and duroplasts) can be reinforced by adding a powdery reinforcement material. The advantages are enhanced performance parameters such as resistance, tensile strength or stiffness. Besides that, there are ecological advantages. In contrast to conventional plastics derived from oleochemicals, bioplastics contain plant-based components - either with the goal of making the plastic mix biodegradable or to facilitate recycling.

Organic Reinforcement Materials for Asphalt, Bitumen and Coal

Due to their cellulose and lignin content, our powders are highly effective fiber reinforcing materials in road construction. As bitumen fillers, they enhance rigidity, flexural behaviour and lifespan of road surfaces and other bituminous products. Another application for sustainable reinforcing products such as olive stone powders are specialty coals, bituminous coals and firelighters. The lignin acts as a powerful binder and increases end product efficiency, e.g. combustion period.

A New Generation of Custom Powders helps you create sustainable materials with enhanced performance parameters. We cater to diverse requirements of grain size, hydrophobicity and color:

Micron Range - From Fine to Nano

The plastics industry poses a challenge to powder fillers: in many applications, micron sizes have to be extremely small, sometimes even in the nano range. Especially in fine films of only a few micrometers, the organic reinforcing material must not add visible particles. offers solutions for any polymer structure: micronized olive stone powders of just a few microns and enhanced anti-caking properties. We can blend our powders with fine silica to prevent any particle agglomeration. Also, residual moisture can be minimized through state-of-the-art mixing and blending techniques.

Silane-Coated Reinforcing Materials

An innovative surface treatment method creates fully hydrophobic natural powders. This adds flexibility to our functional fillers and creates new applications possibilities in a variety of composites, plastics and resins. The advantages of treated (surface-modified) powders are, among others:

  • variable oil absorption behavior
  • better resistance to liquids / impermeability
  • reduced wear and abrasion loss
  • enhanced thermal stability and tensile strength
  • modified curing behavior of polymer / resin formulations

Colored Fibers and Fillers

For color applications, we can provide a full range of dyed powders. In decorative surface coatings, innovative floorings, road surfaces, printing inks and other chromatic systems, bio-based fillers and natural reinforcing materials can be the solution to achieve certain performance parameters with additives from renewable sources. products have excellent color absorption properties and can be offered in more than 25 hues.

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