Bio-Based Matting Agents for Coatings and Paints


Published: 19 November 2021

At we have developed an innovative range of fully bio-based matting agents. Matting effects in coating applications have traditionally been created by means of synthetic or mineral powder particles. In many instances, such powders were made of ground polymer, i.e. finely milled plastics such as polypropylene or polyurethane. Those particles are not biodegradable and are classified as so-called “microplastics”. In recent times, many legislations (particularly in Europe and North America) have recognized the environmental damage caused by such plastic beads, which has incited innovative manufacturers to search for natural and even biodegradable alternatives.

Bio-Based-Matting for Coatings and Paints

Our offer: high-performance matting powders made from upcycled olive stones offers a full line of matting powders for diverse paint and coating applications. All our powder additives are fully bio-based and produced from circular raw materials. In other words, our expertise includes transformation of agricultural by-products into high-performance raw materials.

Olea FP (Functional Powders) are made from micronized olive stones, a unique resource that originates from olive oil mills in Southern Spain. Olive stones offer excellent technical properties besides being 100% renewable and fulfilling the highest sustainability standards.

Coating applications come with diverse requirements: especially paint applications often demand very fine micron ranges for matting powders in order to integrate smoothly into fine layers. Therefore, our advanced micronisation technology allows us to produce powders in ranges below 25 microns. Apart from that, common ranges of Olea FP bio-based matting powder are 0-50 and 0-100 microns.

Hydrophobic matting powder and whitened grades

We cater to a wide range of applications that require white and ultra-hydrophobic matting agents. Together with dedicated researchers, we have created hydrophobic grades of Olea FP (Olea FP H50 and H100) to ensure excellent results in solvent-based and other hydrophobic systems. Our products are made with minimum use of synthetic coupling agents, which makes them suitable for ecological formulations.

Even in low doses, Olea FP hydrophobic matting powders produce superior results when compared to conventional PE powders. Their effectiveness has been proven in the following comparative study: “ Launches Hydrophobic Matting Agents For Paints And Coatings

While Olea FP natural grades come in a beige, nature-inspired color, the range also includes whitened matting powders. We are conscious about the need for white additives for white surface coatings such as indoor paints. In those applications, Olea FP were also designed to replace mineral matting powders, which are generally produced from mined raw materials.

Advantages of natural matting powders

Olea FP are extremely versatile in use: they are well suited for use in epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, polyaspartic and many other coatings – just to name a few.

Besides their matting effect, they can add other functional properties such as:

  • Texture: from smooth and powdery up to coarse and granular. Olea FP makes the creation of textured surfaces easy.
  • Resistance and strength: stable particles of extraordinary hardness ensure strength, abrasion resistance and grindability of coating products
  • Anti-slip / anti-skid properties: ideal for surface coatings for in- and outdoor use
  • Low density (500-600g/l) make Olea FP suitable for lightweight applications
  • Reactivity: in contrast to inert powder additives, Olea FP particles are reactive agents with antioxidant properties

We support formulators and manufacturers of coatings in choosing the right matting and texturing additive. Go green and make a difference in sustainable innovation! Olea FP can be shipped worldwide and in any batch size.

Please feel free to contact us with your project inquiry.

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