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Epoxy Resin Fillers

We provide a wide array of bio-based fillers for hydrophobic epoxy resins. Our hydrophobic formulae Olea FP H50 and H100 are lightweight fillers that integrate well with conventional and bio-resins while rendering them more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle. are fine powders made exclusively from renewable sources. We only transform side-stream raw materials, above all top-grade olive stones, into additives of any micron size range. Our hydrophobic fillers are silane-coated powders that are classified as fully natural and plant-based.

Epoxies have strong adhesive properties and can be used in virtually any material such as glues, paints, coatings, varnishes and composites.

Resin Additives for Industrial Hydrophobic Coating

Epoxy resins are manufactured in different textures and viscosity levels. They are applied on different surfaces such as plastics, metal, wood and carbon fibre, often with the aim of protecting the underlying material. Epoxy paints are colored resin formulations found in many household appliances, vehicles and electrical installations.

Olea FP can be the ideal solution to enhance your epoxy resin in terms of

  • strength and stability thanks to their hardness and high fiber content
  • light weight: fillers only have a fraction of the density of conventional (mineral) fillers
  • bonding capacity and durability
  • the ecological footprint

To the same extent as in hydrophobic paint protection agents, epoxy resins are state-of-the-art components of diverse flooring concepts. In this context, Olea FP can facilitate the formulation of resin-based industrial hydrophobic coating mixes.

Nowadays, new standards apply for functional and decorative floorings, for example in industrial plants, healthcare centers and retail outlets: they need to be free of potentially harmful substances (e.g. isocyanates, BPA) but still have a high abrasion resistance and stability. Biodegradable fillers with a high hardness such as Olea FP support your developments in that direction!

To reduce your testing effort, we have created our own flooring line: naturazzO Resilient Floors are a unique resin mix with Olea FP as fillers. The formula can be customized with different natural colorants and olive stone granules as texturizers and anti-slip additives.

Epoxy Resin Fillers for Wood Repair Works

Besides, epoxy resins are widely used to restore and repair wooden floors and furniture: cracks are filled with a resin that matches the colour of the object.
Achieving such color control has long been a challenge for formulators of bio-based epoxies. Hydrophobic Olea FP prevent color modification in liquid solutions of any type. The light beige powder additive remains stable, which facilitates blending with pigments and other (natural) agents.

Hydrophobic Additives for Epoxy-Based Composites

Excellent results can be achieved by using Olea FP as a hydrophobic fillers for composite materials and epoxy resin compound rubber. Especially in high-load applications, composites are a number one choice thanks to their adhesive properties. In these applications, additives can add multiple benefits due to their versatile use as reinforcing fibres, fillers and texturizers.

Whatever your epoxy application might be, please contact us to discuss your project. We are pleased to help you find the optimal powder additive and ship small and large volumes worldwide.

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