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Innovative Sustainable Polymers from Renewable Resources

At BioPowder.com our approach is a 360° assistance to developers of innovative bio- materials. Besides providing high-performance fillers and reinforcing fibres, our team assists in formulation development, upgrade of existing material formulae, enhancement and validation of performance parameters and new product marketing.
A major part of material innovations involves polymers, both from synthetic and natural sources. With this in mind, we can help you achieve:

  • A higher bio-based portion of components
  • Enhanced recyclability or biodegradability of your material mixes
  • Improved cost-efficiency and lifespan
  • Excellent performance parameters paired with maximum sustainability
  • Market opportunities with an environmental focus

Fillers and Reinforcing Fibres for Solid Polymers

Our bio-based powder additives can be tailored to achieve excellent material properties in solid polymer compounds, for example to be used in injection moulding or extrusion systems. We help you choose the right filler or fiber additive to upgrade conventional polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) mixes or to develop innovative composites.

We know about the challenges that might arise when integrating a plant-based powder into a polymer matrix. To ensure compatibility, optimal dispersion and rheology, you can count on our dedicated research & development, including selection of suitable coupling agents.

Renewable Powder Additives for Viscous and Liquid Polymers

Paints, coatings, sealants, inks – just to name a few of the most common liquid polymer products. BioPowder.com functional powders are suitable both for water-based/waterborne and solvent-based formulations as well as for hydrophilic and hydrophobic systems.

Besides the fully natural variants of our innovative powder additives, we offer modified grades using the following treatment/coating methods:

  • Irradiation: mostly used for microbial decontamination
  • Hydrophobic coating: silane-based or other methods to suit a variety of formulations (e.g. acrylic or epoxy systems)
  • Impregnation
  • Dehydration: to achieve residual moisture levels of <1%
  • Coloring / dyeing
  • Nano-micronization

This makes our powder additives extremely versatile and suitable for water-repellent or water-tight coatings such as elastomeric paint. Moreover, fruit stone powders have a high thermal resistance and superior insulation properties.

Coarser granules made from olive stones are excellent high-resistance texturizers, for example to create textured surfaces, anti-slip effects and colored particles / color flakes. Their light weight combined with high hardness (3.5 acc. to Mohs) adds enhanced grindability / sanding behavior to numerous polymer systems.

Biodegradable Rubber Compound Additives

Most rubber objects are made of complex compound systems where natural rubber (caoutchouc) is not always the primary component. As rubber is a major source of harmful microplastic – e.g. due to abrasion of tyres and shoe soles – innovative companies opt for eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic rubber components such as carbon black or polyurethane. In addition, BioPowder.com functional powders can reinforce foam parts with high elasticity.

As lignin-based powders, their particles have a high polarity, which means that silanization is often recommended to enhance curing behavior/kinetics and stability of rubber polymers. We provide extensive guidance and base formulations for a variety of rubber compounds from renewable sources.

All our powders are fully bio-based and biodegradable in their natural versions. They are effective alternatives for pulverized plastics, above all of synthetic matting powders and fillers. As cellulosic and ligneous materials, they are short fibres with impressive reinforcing properties – above all in lightweight parts and construction materials.

Whatever material you are developing, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We support your research with samples and small test batches and ship to any destination worldwide. Contact us now with your inquiry.

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